Darn That Weather!

I woke up yesterday morning to find another large amount of snow had dropped in the New England area. It’s been such an interesting winter. With very little precipitation having fallen between the beginning of November and the end of January, the Boston area has since been hammered with storm after storm.

If I’m not mistaken, this morning’s snow is the fifth storm in a row for my area. It began five weeks ago with a storm that dropped 28 inches. A week later, another four to six inches dropped. A week after that, another eight inches. And just over a week ago, a storm that was expected to drop no more than another eight inches, left almost two feet behind. Yesterday morning, a combination of somewhere between five and seven inches of snow and sleet were on the ground.

It’s hard for me in the cold, snowy weather here. I deal a lot with physical pain issues and for those that know the concept, heat expands and cold contracts. This applies to my muscles and joints unfortunately. So when I awoke yesterday morning and looked at my window, I could feel it everywhere within me and my first thought was a very sarcastic “great, more cold, clouds and snow”. After doing my morning meditations though, I began to have different thoughts on it.

All this snow is going to help with removing any possibility of a drought based spring and summer in this area. The water tables should have plenty of higher levels this year. For those that have crops in the area, or amazing gardens, all this snow should help produce rich soil when the spring finally arrives. How about all of the people in many areas of this world who would love to see snow and probably never will? Even more importantly, there are many people who are dying of thirst and dehydration every day in drought based areas of the world which all this snow could help alleviate. I think sometimes our egos don’t see just how good we have it even with such an elongated winter, cold weather, and crazy storms.

While it may be annoying to have to shovel another bunch of inches of the wet and white fluffy stuff and travel slowed down roads because of it, I think it’s important to just be grateful that I still have two eyes to see the beauty in it all.

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson