Mantra For The Day – For Releasing Anger And Resentments

One of the greatest poisons to a person’s mind, a body, and a soul is to hold onto any anger or resentments. I spent years harboring ill will towards my parents, towards the bullies from my grammar school days, towards the man who molested me, towards bosses from various jobs, towards various friends and people I dated, towards stranger who crossed my path, and even towards God. All that did was make me incredibly sick on far too many levels. One of the things that helped me to release all of that poison and heal has been to say a daily mantra that’s geared towards doing it. If you are prone to being an angry or resentment person, your current state of health may soon be, or is already quite possibly, suffering greatly because of it. You may want to start using the following daily mantra, as I know it will help you, like it has me, to become free of all of those unhealthy toxins, once and for all.

“I am free of anger and resentments in every area of my life, and I sent love, forgiveness, and peace to anyone who has ever hurt me.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson