Many Lives, Many Spiritual Lessons

There are many things we place trust in to continue functioning every day. From cell phones to the Internet, we use things like this daily, except most of us don’t even know how any of them really work. The fact is we maintain some sort of blind faith in them working. But when it comes to having the same blind faith in things that we can’t see work with our very own eyes, our minds starts shutting down to the idea of them. One of those things that seem to consistently do that for many people is when I talk about reincarnation.

The idea of reincarnation begins with a belief that each and every individual on this planet has a soul within himself or herself. This immediately closes the door for most atheist and agnostic people who believe that this is the only life we have and when we die, that’s it. But the next part about reincarnation is where the majority of others begin to shut down to the idea of its existence.

What if this life was just one of hundreds, or maybe even thousands, that our soul has already lived? And what if there were various life lessons our soul was meant to learn in each of them? This is reincarnation and in the Christian religion, the idea of it is considered heresy. For the longest time, I felt the same way given my upbringing in the United Methodist Church. I guess you could say I initially denied it’s existence because of that and also because I had no proof. But the truth was, deep down I was afraid to believe in the idea of it existing. That’s because I often felt my life was like living in hell and I didn’t want to come back and ever have to do any of this again.

When I was massively addicted to alcohol and drugs, my life really was hell. To even have pondered the idea of having to go through that again scared the crap out of me. But as the years began to pass, I started learning a great number of spiritual lessons that cumulated when I found sobriety from those addictions. Once my mind, body, and soul became a much clearer channel to understand a lot more spiritual things in life, the idea of reincarnation didn’t scare me as much. And that’s when something happened to me, which blew the door wide open onto the truth that reincarnation really does exist.

I’m going to share that experience with all of you now and I know that many might say it is just fiction. I don’t believe it’s my place in life to convince you of its validity, as I feel that should be left for individuals to discover for themselves. It’s my only hope you’ll try to keep an open mind as read about what happened to me in the early 2000’s.

Back then; I had been regularly going to see a friend in Richmond, VA about once a month. He was a fantastic masseuse who was also a person that practiced alternative healing modalities. One day on his table, I went into a deep state of meditation during the session. In it, I saw myself floating in the middle of an ocean when suddenly a vortex of pure white light came down through the clouds and went right through me. Circling around that vortex were three angel-like beings who brought this great sense of peace to me. At that point on the table, my whole body had this incredible electrified feeling that went through me from head to toe. It was the most peaceful feeling I had ever felt up to that point in my life. When the session ended, my friend suggested I go to one of the several local gem stores to get a crystal he felt would help me on my journey.

Upon calling the first store, I had a strong vibe inside that it wasn’t going to have what I needed. But when I contacted the second one, I got this overwhelming sense that I needed to look no further. Even stranger was when I walked in its front door some thirty minutes later, as a person greeted me and said that I must be the one who called about getting a crystal. Ironically, I had not spoken a single word at that point. After he helped me to find what I needed, I headed to the counter where a smiling woman named Susan intently stared as me as she rang up my purchase. Suddenly she muttered, “Three times angels” and was silent again.

I was quite curious as to why she said that so I asked. She quickly responded, “Never mind.” Upon pursuing the matter further, she relented and told me she saw three angels floating around me. Given I had just seen this in my mediation during the massage, I told her I believed her. She then began to speak at length about my spiritual journey in life and told me I had a great calling to help others. It was what she said next though, that took me totally by surprise.

“Don’t be scared when I say this, but we knew each other in a past life and were quite close if you know what I mean…”

Interestingly enough, I wasn’t afraid and I wanted to know more. She said that I needed to meditate that weekend so that I could find my own answers. I thanked her and left in somewhat of a surreal state. That night I spent four hours sitting in complete silence and meditating, but nothing happened. I thought about giving up, but decided to try again the next evening. Somewhere in the middle of that meditation, I was suddenly thrust into a deeper state of calmness where it was almost as if everything was in slow motion. That same blissful feeling that happened to me on the massage table was occurring again. I was so ecstatic to be feeling that way again, so I silently thanked God for meeting Susan, except I said “Sandra” instead.

When I thought about why I was saying that name, I heard this voice within tell me that was Susan’s name in a prior life when I knew her. Then I saw an image of me kissing a woman at the top of the Eiffel Tower just after it’s opening back in the late 1800’s.

I immediately snapped out of the mediation at that point and picked up the phone to call Susan around 2am. When she answered, I said “Hi Sandra” and told her about the Eiffel Tower kiss. She said she was wondering how long it would take me to figure it out and went on to say that we were lovers in the late 19th century. She went on to say that I had been a servant in her household in Paris and had seduced her out of her marriage. That lasted until her husband in that life found out and murdered me.

Since that day, I have had a few other experiences that have further confirmed the existence of reincarnation. Even better, I read some Eastern scriptures and writings sometime later that said Jesus had studied Buddhism and accepted the practice of reincarnation during his teenage years in life. I learned in those studies that the Catholic church covered all of this up because of the fear that people would stop supporting the church and become more sinful if they knew their soul would go through many more lives.

While many Christians might claim all of this as heresy, I cannot deny anymore that I’ve lived multiple lives. While I can’t say I know how many, what I do know reincarnation exists and it’s nothing to be afraid of. I don’t want to “sin” more either. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I want to learn the spiritual lessons I’m meant to learn in this life so that I don’t have to repeat it again in some other life.

Do I still believe in Heaven? Absolutely. But today, I regard Heaven as a resting place before I head into the next life with another set of spiritual lessons to learn.

I’m not sure whether you will ever believe any of what I’m saying or not. Hopefully though you too one day will have your own experience that will allow you to place as much faith in reincarnation as you do in those things like your cell phone and the Internet…

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson