Carpal Tunnel And My Mind-Body Connection

I’m a firm believer in my mind-body connection, in fact I’ve written about it in here before (link to it is below). I’m truly convinced that our bodies often attempt to get our attention through various pains and ailments, especially when we’re not listening to what it needs. This has happened to me quite a bit over the years, one of which being just the other day with my right arm.

I was working on writing the latest chapter in Andy’s Woodsy Adventure when it started developing some carpal tunnel-like symptoms. I’ve had this occur before, several times actually, with each always feeling like my body was trying to tell me something about the work I’m doing at my computer.

I know this might sound crazy, but the last time it did happen to me, I ended up taking two weeks off from doing my blog writing and instead placed the “Thought For The Day” entries out there. By the time I returned to writing for it again, I didn’t have those carpal tunnel-like symptoms anymore. Another good example of this is when I was working in the computer field at a particular job I didn’t enjoy years ago. The same pain developed and plagued me constantly, but guess what? It left me when I left that job.

While I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my blog writing anymore because I actually do, immensely, I am saying that I do feel a little fatigued from writing 500 to 1000 words entries day in and day out. And I just feel like my body is calling for another break somehow through this right arm pain.

My ego attempted to tell me I just took one of these when I went on vacation recently, but the truth is I worked overtime prior to leaving for it, doubling up on articles to cover me when I got back. And as soon as I returned, I immediately delved back into my writing, thus feeling like I didn’t get much of a break at all.

So I’m going to honor my right arm, as crazy as that sounds, and just take a break for the next few weeks from writing. I have a good feeling that it and me overall, will feel plenty more energized by then, ready to pour forth some renewed creativity from within. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the “Thought For The Day” entries, as well as the next chapter I’ve already written for Andy’s Woodsy Adventure (posting May 8th).

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson