Was A Car Accident An Answer To My Prayers?

If you’ve been reading any of my blog entries in recent months, I’ve had some serious struggles maintaining hope for a better life, solely due to all the health issues I’ve been enduring for what seems like an eternity now. But another interesting thing happened lately, similar to my story of the sparrow, that I really feel is connected somehow to all of what I’ve been going through and oddly enough this time it deals with a car accident.

It all started late one Thursday afternoon when I found myself feeling overly frustrated and full of despair, almost how I feel right now as I type this actually. I had decided it was best for me to get to a recovery meeting at that point, given how they usually seem to lift my spirits more than not. I immediately headed from home in my car towards the highway choosing to leave my radio off and refraining from making any phone calls, instead opting to have a deep conversation with God on the way. I tend to do this quite a bit in my vehicle, especially on days like then and today where I find myself questioning my existence and ability to maintain my faith and belief that God is healing me.

Soon I approached the interstate and saw cars backing down the on-ramp and others not moving at all on the highway itself, so I elected to take an alternative route to get to my meeting on time. That’s when I began to drive down some side roads, all the while asking God why I have been suffering so much and how come I can’t just have some direct communication to let me know I’m going to be ok. In other words, I was praying that God send me a strong sign of hope, one that I couldn’t refute.


My car suddenly jolted to the left slightly, completely startling me out of my prayer session. As I quickly looked over my right shoulder, I saw that a woman had tried to turn into my lane not knowing I had been directly next to her already. After stopping and making sure she was ok, we pulled to the side of the road and I proceeded to call the police. For the next 45 minutes, I sat and pondered why this even happened, especially given the timing of it all having been just after I had asked God for a sign.

But how could a car accident be a sign God???

As I asked myself this question over and over again, no answer came, only more frustration. And even when the police deemed the woman at fault for the accident, it didn’t bring me much relief, only because I was still deep in thought about whether this car accident was really an answer to my prayers in some strange way.

When the police finally said it ok for me to go, I headed home, as the recovery meeting was more than halfway over by that point in time. Over the next day I continued to think about the accident, still feeling like it was connected somehow to my prayer. After speaking to my partner, my AA sponsor, as well as my spiritual teacher about it, I started seeing a correlation.

What if the damage to my car was actually a metaphor to the damage I’ve continued to feel within me?

As I pursed that line of thinking, I was reminded from each of those I consulted about the accident that the damages to my car were repairable. That as long as I took the necessary steps with the insurance company and the body shop, that the rest was out of my control, but my car would get fixed. So if God truly was trying to show me a parallel through this to my health, then maybe all the damage I feel within me IS being fixed and that all I need to do is keep on doing what I’m already doing.

It is often said that God can communicate to us in strange ways, so maybe my car accident was another one of those? I’m choosing to believe it was, and that it was God’s odd way of getting my attention while praying late that Thursday afternoon in my vehicle. While the right side of my automobile’s body was pretty awful to look at after it was hit, the fact remains there is a team of people who are going to restore it to like new. So I’m doing my best to believe now there is also a team of people working on my own body, even as I type this feeling as much pain and despair as I do. And that just as my car will soon be fixed, so will I eventually too…

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson