A Mantra For Unconditional Love And Full Acceptance With Life

A few weeks ago I wrote about an issue that I’ve had for much of my adult life with vanity (https://thetwelfthstep.com/2015/06/01/the-red-spot-and-my-vanity/). I realized though in the past few weeks since then that this problem goes a little deeper because I often find myself looking at not only my own outer flaws and imperfections, but also everyone else’s as well. While I may not outwardly comment on when I see them in someone else, I do still dwell on them quite a bit in my thoughts. Even further, I’ve recognized I do the exact same behavior with other things as well, such as when my lawn or gardens aren’t perfectly manicured because there are bald spots in the grass or plants that aren’t flowering. I understand now that this is programming I learned long ago from my parents, most notably my mother, and it’s something I feel no longer works for me in my life. In fact, it stresses me out more than not anytime I replay that programming. This is specifically why I’m adding the following mantra (affirmation) to my daily list, as then it begins the process of deprogramming my brain from doing a pattern of behavior that I find is truly working against my spiritual growth.

“I unconditionally love and fully accept everyone and everything in all their flaws and imperfections, including myself.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson