Daily Reflection

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” (Andrew Murphy)

Do you resist change? Is it difficult for you to try something new? Do you allow your spiritual life to exist in a box where you’re normally only comfortable with what exists within its walls? At many times throughout my life I would have had to answer yes to each of these questions, solely because I was afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone. But over the years, I began to realize that if God was in everything and everyone somehow, then I might need to venture outside my safe container. It was hard at first and challenged my ego with every attempt I made to tear down those walls. Trying new foods, hanging out in different crowds, living clean and sober, changing careers, taking up new hobbies, moving to strange locales, exploring alternative medicine and other healing modalities, and studying other religions and spiritual practices all forced me to walk through fear and knock down one wall after another that I had built around myself. Thankfully, I’ve become far more open to change nowadays by doing so and have come to understand one very important principle along the way. Any wall that I build around myself is only going to keep me separated from seeing yet another magnificent side of my Higher Power.

I pray for the willingness to tear down any wall I’ve placed around myself and I pray for the strength to walk through any fear I may need to face in doing so.

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson