A Simple Dream And A Great Reminder About Control

I had a dream the other night where my partner and I were heading up to the roof of a building and were about to board a very crowded elevator to get there. But instead of stepping onto that elevator, I told my partner I’d meet him at the top and was going to take the stairwell because I was sure it was going to be much faster. I then sprinted as fast as I could up a bunch of flights of stairs and when I reached the top, I discovered there wasn’t any access to the roof! At which point I then had to go back down and take the elevator anyway! When I finally reached the roof, the time it took to get there was far longer than what originally would have happened if I had just boarded that very crowded elevator in the first place.

After pondering this dream the next day upon waking, I realized there was a pretty strong message in it for me about control that I know my Spirit was attempting to communicate. The simplest way I can explain this is that there are a number of things going on in my life right now that are ultimately out of my control, yet I still constantly look for faster ways to get them resolved.

The state of my health, a totally reseeded yard, a blog that has been having some operational issues, and a relationship that has some serious kinks to work out have all been those things that have been out of my control. While I am doing the best I can with each to achieve my end desire, I often still look for those alternative stairwells to run up as fast as I can to reach the top. Yet every time I have, I’ve been faced with the same result when I get there, that there is no access to complete the journey.

You see that’s the lesson right there I continue to face in life. That there are plenty of things on a spiritual journey that can’t be pushed along, that can’t be rushed, and that any short-cuts found will only in the end take much longer than needed.

So at the present, while I am doing my best to stay healthy, while I am watering my yard every day, while I am doing the work-arounds needed on my blog to keep it going, and while I am doing my best to treat my partner with the unconditional love he deserves, actually getting healthier, seeing a fully grown lawn, having my articles publish correctly when I schedule them, and being in a stable relationship is going to take time. Time that I can’t rush. Time that I can’t push along any quicker. Time that occasionally means riding in those very crowded elevators instead of racing up a stairwell.

Thus I’m thankful for my Spirit providing me with a dream of something I might have already known on some level, but still needed that gentle nudge in my sleep as a reinforced reminder…

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Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

Author: Andrew Arthur Dawson

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