How God Proved He Does Care About Our Places Of Employment…

Back in March, I wrote about my partner’s sudden job loss in one of my daily reflections ( There I spoke about my belief that God does care about our places of employment, so long as we seek His help with them, even though many told me that God probably has far more important things to be concerned about. I ended that daily reflection with a strong statement of faith saying that I truly believed God would help my partner find a new place of employment and I’m here to report that indeed God did, and in a very unique way at that.

For almost two months following his sudden job loss, my partner prayed daily for God’s help while submitting one resume after another, for positions that were in his field and even for ones that weren’t. Sadly, I watched him receive one disappointment after another, mainly because each of the employers seemed to only want their potential candidates to hold bachelor’s degrees, given he only had an associate’s. I began to grow frustrated and started allowing my ego to take control, telling him he needed to become a lot more aggressive in his search. I also found myself growing angry each time I saw him take breaks and sit in front of the television for extended periods, totally forgetting about my own statement of faith from that daily reflection, the one where I stated I knew God would guide my partner to a new place of employment.

Then one morning, a few weeks ago, my partner abruptly received a call from a company in Toledo he hadn’t applied to, let alone even knew about. They had found his resume on one of those job websites and asked if he was still looking for employment. When he responded he was still in the market, they immediately asked if he could come in that afternoon for an interview, which he did. Then, they contacted him the next day as well, and asked if he could come in again that afternoon for a second interview. As he left that second interview, he was told they had a number of other people to still interview and would get back to him in the beginning of the following week. During that period of unknowingness, I really did my best to pray to let go of control and to trust in that statement of faith I had made about God from that daily reflection. It was hard, trust me, but I kept on praying for God’s will.

By the time a full week had passed since his second interview, my faith had started to really waver again, even more so when my partner called the company and was told they hadn’t made any decisions yet. That’s when my ego began posing all these questions in my head.

Was this just going to be another letdown because my partner only had an associate’s degree?

Was someone else going to be more qualified because of their years of experience?

Was someone much younger going to be offered the job instead?

Yet, even through all that doubt, I kept praying. I said to God that I would accept whatever the decision was and that I truly just wanted my partner to have some hope in his life, given how much he’s endured lately, not just with his job woes, but also with the constant challenges he’s faced when it’s come to supporting me and my ongoing health issues.

And then suddenly, it happened, a week and a day after that initial phone call out of the blue. God delivered! The company presented him with a job offer and it’s then I think God truly proved to me He does care about people’s places of employment. Because through all my partner’s and my prayers, a job that my partner never applied to and never even knew of the company either, found him, said his resume stood out more than the others, and swiftly brought him in for back to back interviews, only to offer him a job at a pay rate equal to his last job over the course of 8 days!

So, do I believe God does care about our places of employment? Absolutely. We simply need to just ask for His help and remain patient for those prayers to be answered, as I clearly see now they will, it’s just usually not in our own ego’s timing.

That being said, I decided to harness the positive energy from this experience into the wavering faith I’ve had as of late with my health and healing and hold firm to my belief that God can, and will, deliver me out of the hell I’ve been living in with my chronic pain issues. That one day, God will restore my physical, mental, and emotional health and when He does, I plan on proclaiming once again that God does care about everything we pray about, even like something as little as this new place of employment he delivered to my partner…Thank You God…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

Author: Andrew Arthur Dawson

A teacher of meditation, a motivational speaker, a reader of numerology, and a writer by trade, Andrew Arthur Dawson is a spiritual man devoted to serving his Higher Power and bringing a lot more light and love into this world. This blog, is just one of those ways...

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