Why My Blog Is Very Triggering For Some…

I know the content of my blog isn’t for everyone. After all, I do write a lot about God, Christ, spirituality, faith, hope, and the like. Some have pegged me as religious zealot because of it, which ironically, if you really knew me, you’d know I’m so far from being that. Yet, I can see how one might assume that by taking my blog at face value.

What people don’t understand though is that I write about these things just to keep myself going, to keep myself believing, and to keep myself from going down the path my father went, which was taking his own life. You see without my writing, without my faith, and without my hope, I constantly see a world that’s empty and hurting and feel a drive to ever-search for the solution somewhere out there, which always left me feeling totally unsatisfied and dead inside. That’s why I’m choosing to write like I do, because when I do write about things like God or Christ or something spiritual, I always seem to feel better about myself and find enough strength and courage to keep going for one more day.

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed a trend in the past year from people who have become overly triggered by my writing. One that has resulted in me being unfriended by them on Facebook. When I’ve spoken to any of them, the answer was always the same, they were getting too polarized by my content, especially when it came to my faith and hope in a loving God. But I get it. There is so much pain and suffering out there and people don’t understand why God would allow that if God truly was an all-loving and all-powerful God. I think that’s probably why atheism is on the rise and why so many have no desire to hear about God anymore.

While I too am one of those who don’t understand why God allows so much suffering to continue to happen in our world, I have kept my faith, accepted it’s beyond my comprehension, and kept on believing that I’m being taken through some type of a refining process to make me a much Brighter being on this planet, which is precisely what usually doesn’t sit well with many who have read my articles. But what they don’t grasp is that holding on to this attitude is what has kept me going in a world that has felt so dam dark lately.

Regardless, if you ever find yourself being triggered by my blog in some negative way, understand that’s never my intention on any level. I am writing to survive in a world that doesn’t necessarily make sense to me and this is the only way I’ve learned how to do so. My father gave up on life, but I don’t have to, and my blog is a means to an end for that very reason.

Maybe in you knowing that now, you won’t unfriend me and instead choose to just unfollow me from your newsfeeds. And may you also know that I too have a heart and a soul just like you, both of which truly love you just like I believe my Higher Power still does as well, even if we never do figure out why He continues to allow our suffering to persist…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson