I’m so grateful for when a friend sends me something I can use for my blog, especially given that I often run out of things to write about. With that being said, I give thanks to my friend Robb for sending me today’s inspiration that’s titled “EGO vs SOUL”.


Ego seeks to serve itself,
Soul seeks to serve others.

Ego seeks outward recognition,
Soul seeks inner authenticity. 

Ego sees life as a competition,
Soul sees life as a gift.

Ego seeks to preserve itself,
Soul seeks to preserve others.

Ego looks outward,
Soul looks inward. 

Ego feels lack,
Soul feels abundance. 

Ego is mortal,
Soul is eternal. 

Ego is drawn to lust,
Soul is drawn to love.

Ego seeks wisdom,
Soul is wisdom. 

Ego enjoys the prize,
Soul enjoys the journey.

Ego is cause to pain,
Soul is cause of healing.

Ego rejects God,
Soul embraces God.

Ego seeks to be filled,
Soul is eternal wholeness. 

Ego is me,
Soul is We.

While I’m sure I could touch upon how these words affected me, I decided it was best that I didn’t, as it would only be coming from my ego needing to put its own spin on it, seeing that these words were not something I personally created. Thus, I wish all of you well and hope that today’s inspiration that my friend Robb found, is something each of you may reflect upon, as I have, to aid on your spiritual journey towards the Light…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson