Is Our Own Actions Causing All These Major Climatic Events On Our Planet?

Some might say that all the hurricanes and earthquakes and other tragic weather we’ve been experiencing lately on our planet is all relatively normal in the grand scheme of things. While plenty of others fall on the polar opposite side of the spectrum in saying each are signs of end times coming. I, on the other hand, am in line with something that feels a lot more grounded in reality, that being they’re a result of global warming.

I must admit that I never cared much to learn more about the effects of global warming until I watched Al Gore talk about it in his 2006 Oscar-winning documentary titled “An Inconvenient Truth”. During it he spoke of all the harm we’re doing to our planet because of the greenhouse gases still being created by various corporations. Ironically, a mere 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of the world’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions, such as from BP, Chevron, Exxon/Mobile, and Shell. And he theorized that if those companies didn’t reduce their emissions soon that major superstorms and other serious climatic events would be the future result.

Oddly enough, at the time of this movie being released, many just scoffed it all off and said Gore had no proof to back his broad claims. Yet, since then, Hurricane Katrina came and went, causing incredible devastation, along with Hurricane Harvey and Irma this year as well. Add in severe earthquakes, major coral reef depletion, serious glacial melting, terrible droughts, and much more, and personally, I’m not doubting Gore anymore. The sad thing though is that there’s still many who do and they continue to claim there’s not enough hardcore proof to believe these huge climatic events are of our own doing.

So, as the devastation continues to rack up around the planet due to these overwhelming climatic occurrences, instead of looking at how we might be able to reverse this trend, I see to many simply shaking their heads and claiming it was just a bad year for the weather, while others keep looking to God as the cause and saying it’s out of their control.

But what if it isn’t? And what if even beyond those greenhouse gas emissions, that the rising negativity and anger on our planet is also a cause of these severe weather patterns? I know that might sound preposterous to some, but it’s something I’ve thought about quite a bit in recent times and my truth is this.

I actually believe that the more we spread anger and negativity on our planet, the more it affects our planet in adverse ways. And while that may never be proven in my lifetime either, I ask you to consider, what if things like earthquakes are actually releases of all the anger we keep expelling? And what if all our wars and violence are only creating energetic rifts in our planet that eventually lead to things like these superstorms?

Regardless of whether any of that may be true, and regardless of whether global warming is actually a cause to any of these major weather events or not, the fact remains that superstorms and major climatic events are happening everywhere around the globe now on a regular basis. And, while I may not be able to personally reduce gaseous emissions coming from companies that are potentially contributing to these climatic issues, I can at least do my part to protect the Earth by loving it a lot more through all of my actions.

The bottom line though that I’m trying to say here is that maybe if we all just stop blaming these major climatic events on things like God or a bad year for weather, and instead begin loving both the planet we walk on every day and each other a lot more, we might actually start seeing a reverse in this downward trend and far less nature-based destruction and devastation…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson