The Downside Of All Those Sexual Allegations Going On…

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations surfaced a few months ago, there has been a tidal wave of sexual accusations being made towards other people, almost one after another, that so far there seems to be no end to. While I’m all for the truth coming out, especially with those who may have ever sexually taken advantage of someone else, I do see two downsides to all of what’s going on.

The first downside is the potential for one of those “witch hunts” to occur. What I mean by that is accusing someone of things that they are actually innocent of and in the process tarnishing their name and career. And unfortunately, people tend to live in low vibrational behaviors sometimes, which translates into them having a grudge towards another and deciding to accuse them of something that may or may not hold any truth, solely with the purpose of inflicting a wound upon them. I’ve had this very thing happen to me many times in life and regrettably, I also have done it to others in my past. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these sexual allegations going on within the entertainment industry or the political realm or the corporate world right now aren’t ultimately grounded in solid truth.

The second downside is the impact this seems to be having on everyday people. Take my one friend in ministry who confided in me recently that they are afraid to even put their hand on a parishioner’s leg or shoulder anymore when it appears they are needing some comfort, because they don’t want to ever be accused wrongly of anything. Yet, prior to all these allegations becoming major news, this never was a concern for them because their intentions were always pure. Then there’s others I know who are in similar positions where offering hugs is just a part of their good nature and connection with God, yet they are concerned now too for them being taken out of context. And lastly, there’s me who’s now questioning my work with sponsees because of all these sexual allegations. Quite often in my recovery work, especially in the sex and love addiction realm, conversations arise surrounding topics that I’d never have with the general masses. While each of those conversations are merely for the purposes of helping me to understand those I sponsor, I’m starting to second guess myself and question whether I shouldn’t even have them anymore either, even though they’ve helped the sponsor/sponsee relationship grow in trust.

In light of all this, I fear that the end result of all these sexual charges going on is leading to a world where people will withdraw even more from showing any type of care or concern or affection towards each other. Will offering hugs or gentle reassuring touches to those in pain go away for fear of being accused of something? Will having conversations around any type of sex or sexuality stop altogether for fear of them being taken out of context? Will people simply start becoming cold towards each other? I say this lightly, and almost humorously, but I wonder if Jesus was alive today doing the things He once did, hugging, loving, touching, and closely caring for so many people, would all that too be misconstrued or might someone even use His signs of love as a way of getting back at Him by accusing him wrongly?

So, in the end, I’ve been left wondering, where are all these sexual allegations leading? What will be the final result of this? I don’t know, but it is my hope that we’ll all come to a place of balance and truth, one where we aren’t cold and callous towards each, and instead are still showing each other signs of unconditional love and light without fear and worry…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson