A Merry Christmas Reflection To All For 2017…

Merry Christmas to all! I wanted to send out this short reflection today because in all truthfulness, I know this day can often be a very difficult one for so many people.

While I’m sure there are those out there who will be celebrating with loved ones and basking in all that Christmas cheer and joy today, my heart is actually reflecting on all those who may be in hospitals sick and ailing, all those who may be going through debilitating pain, depression, anxiety and the like, all those who may be living on the streets looking for a place to keep warm, all those who may be lonely in their homes with no family or anyone close to be with, all those who may have lost someone they were close to and having to go through their first or second Christmas without them, all those who may be suffering from addictions trying to stay numb from a painful life, all those who may have not had any money to buy gifts this year for those they cared about, all those who may be living in homes where they are being abused even at this very moment, and all those who may be dealing with something else that’s making it quite challenging to even smile today.

It’s all of these individuals I’m thinking of this Christmas and am praying for as well. Praying that somehow God may guide at least one person into their lives today to let them know they are loved. Because on a day that is meant to be joyful and uplifting, but often isn’t for far too many, feeling loved is the very thing that is more than needed in each of their lives.

So, if you are someone who is having a great Christmas Day thus far, I merely ask you to take a small pause, and put out a simple prayer or two or send out some positive energy for those who may be far less fortunate than you, who won’t be experiencing much of that Christmas bliss, if any at all today. And also try to remember that for any gift you receive today that happens to not be something you really wanted, think about those who won’t be getting any gifts whatsoever today and think of the person who gave the gift to you as well that was probably from their heart. As maybe then through those prayers and positive energy you send to those less fortunate and remaining grateful for all of what you receive, you will get in touch with the true spirit of Christmas, that being to share in unconditional love with each other…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson