The Healing Begins With You And Me…

Is it just me or does everyone seem to be on edge these days? It’s almost as if we’re all waiting for the next tragic thing to unfold and because of it, it honestly feels like each and every one of us is on an extremely short fuse right now, one that doesn’t take much for us to ignite into something far worse. And frankly, I’m so tired of feeling this way and anything that only adds to this feeling.

Things like all the constant fighting and divisions between Republicans and Democrats and everyone in between. Things like all the never-ending gun violence and nothing seemingly being done about it. Things like all the racial battles still waging on many decades later from whence they first began. Things like all the religious divisions that exist where each faction feels as if they are the only valid path to God. Things like all the judgments that keep being placed against anyone who labels themselves under the LGBTQ category. Things like the many men who think they are still superior to women and have the right to treat them as anything less than equal. Things like all arguments between those who are pro-Trump and those who are anti-Trump. Things like all the friends and loved ones who keep dying from drug addiction. And things like all the beautiful souls who keep committing suicide.

It’s all these things that often tempt me to act out in some addiction to escape the constant tension. Yet I continue to resist any of those carnal urges because I know that each of them will only lead to more tension and even more fatigue.

One of the solutions I’ve found to rise above this is to keep to myself, as I don’t want to add to the tension by reacting in unhealthy ways. That’s why there are days when I stay off the television, social media, and even avoid talking to anyone on the phone because I don’t want to say or do something I’m going to regret and can’t take back.

Nevertheless, I find the state of our nation and the world for that matter very depressing right now and I really just want to start hearing some positive news for once. We all need more hope right now instead of judgments and negativity. We all need more love right now, instead of acts of hatred. And we all need more peace right now, rather than wars that begin with our ego’s bashing each other over differences of opinion.

Ultimately, if begins by simply holding our tongues, even when we feel the need to spew off something in anger. If we could just channel our frustrations when they arise into something healthier, such as a hobby, we might find ourselves feeling less on edge.

The healing and tension-reducing truly starts with us doing the work, instead of waiting for laws to pass or someone else to make the change. These changes must come within and as soon as each one of us realizes this, we’ll find ourselves sheathing our swords and putting down our shields, and then coming at each other with open arms and hearts, rather than weapons drawn for battle. That’s how life will improve on this planet and how the tension will reduce, by accepting the reality that the healing begins with you and me…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson