Daily Reflection

“According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble can’t fly. Its body is too heavy for its wings. But the bumble doesn’t know this fact, and so it flies anyway – for all to see. Remember this when you’re losing hope; God’s proof that the impossible can be.” (A.S. Waldrop)

 I’ve been going through health issues for a good long while now, all of which began way back in 2010 when I was told by a number of doctors over a two-year period that the conditions I was facing probably wouldn’t ever improve and that medicine would be the best solution to manage each of them. At first, I chose to believe that and spent two years of my life following their prescription regimens, all the while feeling as if my spiritual wings had become permanently clipped. Things didn’t improve much at all until I finally opted to seek a Higher Solution, one that believed I would fly again one day.

Over the past six years ever since, I’ve been working on improving my health through a lot of faith, hope, and holistic healing and things have definitely improved, albeit rather slowly for my ego’s taste, but improved nonetheless. While there are plenty of days where I still struggle immensely to keep going and keep believing, there are also days where I have done things that would most likely baffle the very same doctors who told me my life would be limited from there on out and to just accept that.

But, I never accepted that, because to me that would go against this story of the bumblebee, as it never accepts its wings can’t support its weight. And because it doesn’t accept that, it continues to defy the odds and the science of this world and keeps on flying.

That’s why I keep choosing to believe that for me, doctors and science don’t have all the answers and aren’t God. And each day, I continue to keep my faith and hope alive that I will fully fly again when I become fully healed through the Grace of God.

Lord, this world continues to try to convince me that I may never fully heal and yet, somewhere deep within me, is a Wellspring of Life that keeps on reminding me who’s in charge of all this. Please help me to keep listening to that voice, rather than the voices of this world, as I know in doing so, I will fully heal as Your Grace becomes triumphant over my entire life.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson