Daily Reflection

“Love grows where trust is laid, and love dies where trust is betrayed.” (Tigress Luv)

I’ve been in a number of relationships in my life and have seen how love can truly grow to exponential proportions in them, yet I’ve also seen how love can quickly wither out and die in them as well. While there’s any number of things that can help cultivate love in a partnership, the one sure way to extinguish it is by committing an act of infidelity.

With just a few clicks of a mouse or a few swipes on a phone, it’s incredibly easy to commit an act of infidelity these days. Sadly, there are countless people on the internet now who are readily available for a sexual hook-up at pretty much any time of the day or night, whether that’s for money or for free. And for those who feel like they aren’t getting any sex in their relationship, or those who are battling some type of sexual addiction, or those who simply want to feel like they are still attractive in life, or those who are feeling down for any other reason and seeking some type of a quick pick-me-upper, a sexual hook-up is often what their mind tries to convince them they need. Yet, it’s an itch that will never fully go away by scratching it with any act of infidelity, as doing so only creates an even bigger itch. But even worse than that is with each act of infidelity, comes an act of betrayal, with each act of betrayal, comes an ever-increasing level of dishonesty, and as that level of dishonesty continues to grow, it slowly erodes any true love that once connected their partner and them together.

I have lived on both sides of this coin, being both the pursuer and the one pursued while in a relationship and learned the hard way that true love can never be sustained like this. In the long run, it always destroyed the relationship, yet it wasn’t until I learned what it felt like being on the receiving end of an act of infidelity with someone I deeply loved and was fully monogamous with, did I realize how painful it was on the heart.

Nevertheless, if a person chooses to commit an act of infidelity while in a relationship with someone they say they love, it’s not true love at all, not even close. Because true love grows where trust is laid, and true love dies where trust is betrayed. It’s that simple and I thank God I learned that lesson.

Dear God, I pray that I may always remain faithful and monogamous to my partner, no matter how difficult things may get at times between us or how empty I may ever feel inside as well. Thanks to You, I discovered that true love can only be nurtured by remaining fully faithful, honest, and trustworthy, which are three qualities I definitely want to keep.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson