Just A Couple Of Affirmations To Help Combat Any Self-Deprecating Thoughts And Fears…

There is one area I’m relatively weak in when it comes to all the suffering I continue to go through in life and that’s not letting my mind overwhelm me with self-deprecating thoughts. Sadly, it’s quite easy to do, especially on those days when I’m really hurting and the world feels totally upside down. Self-deprecation usually begins with me living in fear and worry and the more I engage in it, the more I seem to lose sight of my faith in God. Thankfully, I’ve found the power of affirmations can help to combat this.

I absolutely believe that doing daily affirmations holds much power in helping a person to heal, positively change, and spiritually grow in life. While I have my regular set of affirmations that I do each day in one sitting and have been for quite some time, there have been a few others I’ve begun to use throughout my day just to keep me going when I start getting overly critical of myself with where I’m at in life.

I found the first of these affirmations in one of my daily devotional readings and it really stuck with me because of its ability to be used when experiencing any type of suffering. It goes as follows:

“Even if (state the condition of the suffering), I still believe.”

Pretty simple right? So now, when I find myself getting excessively critical about any one of my health issues that’s arisen and causing me fear, I just insert it in and continue to say it until I feel better.

The other affirmation I’d like to share was discovered a few weeks ago at the spiritual center I’ve been attending on Sunday mornings. There was a very charismatic sermon that took place that day, which really touched my heart and one thing I took away from it was something that was repeated a number of times throughout. It went as follows:

“This isn’t my story, I’m moving on to Higher Ground!”

 I have found this affirmation to feel extremely powerful any time I say it. It seems to help shift my thinking rather rapidly from any state of self-deprecation and fear to one of faith.

Ultimately, it’s my faith that has kept me going thus far through such an incredible amount of suffering, so if a couple of affirmations can help keep me on the path of faith and combat any self-deprecating thoughts and fears, I’m all for it. And I pray you may find some benefit in utilizing them on your spiritual journey as well…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson