Grateful Heart Monday

It’s Grateful Heart Monday, a time to express a little gratitude to start my week off on a positive note, which for today is for my friend Karen W, someone who has been a huge asset to not just my 12 Step recovery life, but also my partner Chris’s as well.

When I first met Karen, it was back in the fall of 2015. I was attending a meeting for the first time, Perrysburg Staying Sober, which would eventually become my home group in Alcoholics Anonymous. Around that time was when I seriously began struggling with my health issues and felt like I had hardly anyone to talk to in this area who would really listen. When I asked Karen if she would meet me for coffee, she said she’d love to. Ever since, we’ve done many coffee dates together, where she’s been a great listener, a person of compassion, and someone who also has given me a swift kick in the butt when I truly needed one.

One of the reasons why I treasure Karen is because she’s one of those who doesn’t beat around the bush, who doesn’t sugar coat things, and says it how it is. Honestly, I get so frustrated in life with those who can’t just be straightforward with me, but thankfully Karen is not one of them. I always believe that a real friend tells you the truth when asking for their opinion about something you’re going through, instead of offering some sort of watered-down version of it. Plenty of times, Karen has pointed out the exact areas where I needed to take a deeper look into and led to further spiritual growth within me.

I don’t have very many close friends in Toledo, but I do consider Karen one of them and someone I could rely on if I needed a friend to come to my aid. Unafraid to show her feelings, honest to the core, and someone who keeps their integrity, Karen has demonstrated many qualities that I seek in a friend, of which I’m very grateful.

But the thing I’m far more grateful for when it comes to Karen deals with my partner Chris. Over a year ago now, I asked Karen if she might consider sponsoring Chris in another 12 Step recovery program that she had been a part of, because Chris had been struggling finding someone to take him through the Steps for a good while. Thankfully, she agreed to and a wonderful connection has been formed between the two now. Even better is the fact that I’ve seen an incredible amount of spiritual growth in Chris ever since he began working with her. I don’t take that lightly one bit and am so very thankful that she has blessed not just my own recovery, but Chris’s as well.

With over 33 years of sobriety and recovery herself, and plenty of spiritual depth, Karen definitely demonstrates the 12th Step principle of helping others, not just as a sponsor for people like Chris, but also as a friend to people like me as well.

I’m grateful for Karen today and thank God that He brought her into my life for many positive reasons and look forward to her continuing to be a part of both my life and my partner’s…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson