Grateful Heart Monday

Welcome to another Grateful Heart Monday entry, where gratitude is the only focus of the day, which for today is for Jackson Starr, a friend of mine I hired to redo the very outdated and worn-down bathroom in my partner and I’s home.

For five years now, I’ve lived in a home where the only bathroom I could use was a 5×5 one with pink flowered wallpaper, a pink walk-in shower, a pink pedestal sink, a pink toilet, and a pink-medicine chest. While I’m sure this was most definitely quite beautiful and in fashion back in 1993 when it was last redone to this design, it most certainly doesn’t feel so anymore today and in all honestly, I’m not that much of a fan of the color pink either! In light of that, one day recently when the growing amount of wallpaper peeling away from the wall and the chips of drywall and plaster coming off of it, as well as the fixtures looking so darn rusted and old, I finally decided I had enough of it. That’s when I decided to ask a friend of mine, Jackson, who’s normal day-to-day job is doing construction work in buildings and houses, if he would take on a side job to redo our bathroom as soon as possible. Thankfully he agreed.

While the job is being split up into two different projects, so far, his work has been second to none. Jackson definitely pays attention to the details and is quite good at making sure everything gets lines up and perfectly centered. He’s also got a good eye for aesthetics, as part of the direction I was going in would have made the bathroom look incredibly overcrowded. But thanks to him, I found an alternative that worked much better.

Jackson also has a great work ethic. Frankly, having seen many contractors over the years who spent a lot of time goofing off and causing a project to become unnecessarily delayed, I was pleasantly surprised how far that has been from Jackson’s work mentality. As he’s one of those who grinds in hour after hour after hour, totally engaged in the job, sometimes even well beyond the point where he probably should have taken a much-needed break! And with Jackson charging an hourly rate that was most certainly far more affordable than if I had hired a professional company to do the work, I’ve experienced plenty of gratitude all around.

Now that phase one of this bathroom project is complete, I can say this much of Jackson as well. He absolutely knows what he’s doing when it comes to working with tools and home improvement projects, much more so than anything I know I’ve ever attempted. Heck, I struggle to even assemble a simple tiny bathroom cabinet!

Nevertheless, one last thing I should mention as well is how clean Jackson leaves his jobsite each night. I’ve hired some people in the past who’ve done work for me, only to see them leave my house in a mess until the job was entirely done. Not so with Jackson, as he leaves things in a very functional working order, which is a big plus for that OCD side of mine!!!

So, yes, I have much to be grateful for when it comes to Jackson Starr, a friend and simple construction guy who’s been well worth the cost of his help!

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson