Question Of The Day

Today’s question is…

According to research, there are nine types of humor. Which one best describes yours:

  1. Physical (slapstick, facial expressions, etc.)
  2. Self-Deprecating (making fun our yourself, your shortcomings etc.)
  3. Surreal (absurd and weird humor, a la Monty Python style.)
  4. Improvisational (jokes on the spot like Whose Line Is It Anyways.)
  5. Wit-Wordplay (twisting language around for humorous results, puns, etc.)
  6. Topical (humor based upon current events or trends.)
  7. Observational (the ability to poke fun at everyday life.)
  8. Bodily (often described as toilet humor, like farts and belches, etc.)
  9. Dark (using depressing themes and events and making fun of them.)

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson