Grateful Heart Monday

Welcome to another Grateful Heart Monday entry, something I find has been much needed to keep me positive during all the unsettledness of our current times. So, for today, my gratitude is for all those out there who are still working to keep things running for all of us on our planet.

With orders being mandated around the world for most everyone to stay home and with so many out of work right now, there are still plenty who are working in positions that are necessary for all of us in our day-to-day lives, many of whom are even putting themselves directly in the risk of contracting COVID-19.

So, for all the employees working at every grocery store, pharmacy, or convenience store that are supplying our basic needs, for all those working in hardware stores that help keep all our home projects going, for all those working in the food industry serving our take-out and drive-thru orders, for all those working at utility companies keeping our gas, water, electric, internet, cable and satellite on, for all those in the airline, bus, vehicle, railroad, and any other transportation industry who help us to get where we need to go, for all those working in hospitals, nursing homes, and other places of healthcare, for all the police, fire, and rescue squads keeping the peace and order, for all the waste pickup crews that haul our garbage away, for all the car repair shops working on our vehicles, for all the park rangers protecting our parks, for all the priests, pastors, and those in ministry visiting people in need and doing sermons online to provide hope, for all those working in addiction recovery and crisis centers, for all the researchers and scientists trying to find cures, for all those working in news and media outlets disseminating information to keep us current, for those working for Internet-based companies that supply our many needs, for all those working on repairing our roads, homes, and buildings, for all those in real estate and rental companies helping people to find places to live, and for all those working in any other position that continues to be considered essential, I honor and am grateful for each of you.

Without any of you, our planet would most likely descend into total chaos right now. So, thank you for stepping up and continuing to help all of us keep going in a time when there is so many unknowns, a time where fear pervades many of us, and a time where things seem to be changing one day to the next.  Have much gratitude for all of you who are willing to keep putting yourself out there, helping our world to function, which is why today’s Grateful Heart Monday is dedicated to all of you still working anywhere on this planet, especially in positions that might put you directly at risk to contract COVID-19. I truly honor your courage and dedication!

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson