Grateful Heart Monday

Welcome to another chapter of Grateful Heart Monday, where gratitude is always the main focus of this weekly series in my writing, which for today I want to offer that for a woman named Barbara who provided me a much-needed reminder of why I should keep writing.

I know I’ve discussed this a number of times prior in my writings, but I think it’s always important to highlight anyone who reaches out to me personally and lets me know how much they appreciate my life musings, of which Barbara is the most recent.

After publishing the article titled “Are You In Touch With The Little Kid Within You?” a few weeks ago, I received a comment directly on my blog shortly thereafter, as well as a friendship request on Facebook from a friendly woman named Barbara who let me know she was a regular reader of my blog and a fellow recovering alcoholic. To have met one of my subscribers and a fellow recovering alcoholic was plenty a blessing already. But it was what Barbara said next that totally made my day. She told me I had a way of putting into words what she has felt since childhood and could really relate to me. Hearing that meant the world to me!

It has always been my goal from the very beginning of me writing to the world that I could write in such a way where readers could easily relate to their own spiritual journeys in life, almost as if either they had walked in my shoes or vice versa, I in theirs. Far too often I’ve struggled reading many other people’s online musings because they were written in such a way that felt far above my level of understanding. So, to hear my writing was very relatable to was a blessing indeed.

Regardless, knowing anyone appreciates my writing in general and regularly follows me is truly a gift. Honestly, on far too many days, I don’t feel like I’m anyone special and could easily be forgotten if I suddenly passed away. Writing in this blog has been an outlet for much of that insecure voice and has often helped me to overcome it, to express myself, all my pain, my life’s sufferings, the blessings I’ve received, and all the spiritual growth I’ve made. Knowing anyone has related to the any of this and has enjoyed following my articles is something that has helped me to keep going at times, especially on those days where my mind has tried to convince me I’m a nobody and to give up just like my parents did.

So, thank you Barbara. Thank you for providing me a much-needed reminder of how I’m appreciated, especially during a time in life that often feels way more difficult because of this ongoing pandemic. I’m truly grateful for you on this Grateful Heart Monday!

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson