Maybe It’s Time To Finally Put Away All Those Election Campaign Signs And Flags…

I was old enough to record into memory the Presidential election of Ronald Reagan in 1981. I was nine at the time. Since then, I witnessed his reelection, and subsequently the elections of George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and most recently Joe Biden. If there is one thing I never saw after any of the prior presidential elections before this one is the presence of so many election campaign signs and flags still being up months after it was over, in support of the candidate who lost, something I find very upsetting.

As most know, I’m not a political guy at all and I came close to not even voting in this past election, because frankly I was so sick and tired of all the drama going on with friends fighting each other over who should be in office. But sadly, people are still fighting long after this election has ended, continuing to believe in conspiracies, and leaving those election campaign signs and flags up in their yards and at their businesses just to make a point. Not too far from my home in fact, on a construction site is a very immense flag flying, and I do mean it’s quite large, that says Trump will “Make America Great Again” and it irritates me, solely because it feels like it’s just one more way of creating separation in this country, something we don’t need more of right now.

People may believe through me saying these words that I am anti Trump. I’m not. What I am anti though, is not supporting who our current president is. Because if there is one thing that I do my best in, is accepting who our current leader is. I prayed for Donald Trump during much of his tenure as President and did my best to see the good in him. I did the same for each of the prior ones as well. I never took sides and I continue to do my best to see the good in everyone, including Trump and all the former presidents I remember being in office.

I know some may be wondering if I was bothered by all those during Trump’s tenure who wore shirts or made statements on Facebook that said “Not My President”. The answer is yes. Just as much as I’m bothered now by those doing it with Biden. Because making statements like this just puts us in opposition with each other, taking sides, and causing separation rather than connection, something that our country is so filled with right now.

Regardless of whether there is any truth or not to any of those election fraud claims or other conspiracy theories, does holding on to anger, bitterness, or the like by proudly keeping those election campaign signs and flags on display long after the election is over do any good for our country? Does it really make any bit of difference for the better for us? Does it bring any of us closer together? Does it help to create greater unconditional love between us at all?

Look, whomever is President is a tough job and I feel it’s my job to support them, even if I didn’t vote for them, by praying for them daily and offering my unconditional love, even when they don’t do what I think they should be doing. Because I know I most assuredly would screw that job up if I had it, as I’m sure we all would in that position.

Regardless, can we all please, just move on and accept that Biden is leading our country right now, even if it’s not someone you voted for? Maybe the first step in uniting as a country isn’t through some big policy change or law put into effect. Maybe it’s as simple as everyone putting those election campaign signs and flags away and moving on with acceptance of our nation’s leader and learning to love each other again no matter who we voted for.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson