Silly Joke Friday

Today’s batch is dedicated entirely to one mischievous Little Johnny…you’ll see…

Silly Joke #1

A father asked his son Little Johnny if he knew how a person gets saved. “We’ll be saved by going to our church every Sunday,” Little Johnny said without hesitation. His father explained that going to their church each week would not save them. “Well, then, I think we better start looking for another church Dad!!!” replied Little Johnny.

Silly Joke #2

Little Johnny greeted his grandmother with a hug and said, “I’m so happy to see you, Grandma. Now maybe Daddy will finally do the trick he’s been promising us.” The grandmother was curious. “What trick is that my dear?” she asked. Little Johnny replied, “Daddy told Mommy that he would climb the walls if you came to visit us again!”

Silly Joke #3

The Sunday school lesson for the day was about Noah’s Ark, so the teacher decided to get her small pupils involved by playing a game in which they identified animals. “I’m going to describe something to you. Let’s see if you can guess what it is. First: I’m furry with a bushy tail and I like to climb trees.” The children looked at her blankly. “I also like to eat nuts, especially acorns.” No response. This wasn’t going well at all the teacher thought. Finally Little Johnny volunteered: “Well, since I’ve been coming here to this church, the answer is always Jesus for everything!!! But it sure sounds like you are talking about a squirrel…”

Bonus Silly Joke

One day a father and his 10-year-old son Little Johnny were on a bus, when Little Johnny noticed a redhead with huge breasts…” Hey Dad,” the son cried, “look at those boobs!” The father, a religious man decided shortly after that day to send his son to an all male military academy for an entire school year in the hope Little Johnny would learn some appropriate manners. When the school year ended and Little Johnny came home, the father decided to take him on another bus ride. When another woman with very large breasts sat across from them, to see if his son had learned any manners while away at the military academy, the father exclaimed, “Look at the boobs on that redhead!” “Forget that Dad!” the boy replied with a smile, “did you see the a** on that blonde bus driver!!”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

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