Silly Joke Friday

Silly Joke #1

On his first day of school, Little Johnny handed his teacher a note from his mother. The note read…”The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents.”

Silly Joke #2

A grade school teacher was instructing her students on the value of coins. She took a half-dollar and laid it on her desk. “Can any of you tell me what it is?” she asked. From the back of the room Little Johnny suddenly shouted, “Tails!!!”

Silly Joke #3

Little Johnny walked into the kitchen, saw his mother making a cake and announced, “I’ll be playing in my room for the next two hours. I sure would like a piece of cake when you’re finished.” Later, when his mother brought him a piece of cooled cake, Little Johnny exclaimed, “Golly, it worked!” Puzzled, his mother asked, “What do you mean?” Little Johnny replied, “Daddy said that in order to get a piece around here, you have to spend a couple of hours playing first!”

Bonus Silly Joke

A friend and I were just finished golfing one day when this guy comes out of nowhere and asks if he could join us the next time we play. I tell him, “Well, if you want to join us tomorrow you can. We start at 8 o’clock.” He said, “Great! I’ll be here at 8 o’clock, maybe 8:05…” So next day he shows up at 8 o’clock and plays scratch golf; he was good. We were going to play again the next day and we invited him to join us again. He said, “Great! I’ll be here at 8 o’clock, maybe 8:05…” So the next day he shows up at 8 o’clock, plays with his opposite hand, and shoots under par! I’m a bit amazed with this guy so I ask him, “You’re a pretty good golfer, beating us with scratch golf and then showing-off by playing just as good with your opposite hand. Just what is you secret?” He said, “Well…when I wake up in the morning and my wife is lying on her left side, I play left-handed. Or when I wake up in the morning and my wife is laying on her right side, I play right-handed.” So out of sheer curiosity I ask, “What if your wife is lying on her back when you wake up?” “Well, that’s when I get here at 8:05…”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson