Grateful Heart Monday

Welcome to another Grateful Heart Monday entry where gratitude remains the sole focus of my writing at the start of every week, which for today is for Bobby Anspach, a friend to many, including me, who passed away far too soon in this world just a few weeks ago, at the young age of 34.

When I learned about Bobby’s tragic passing from his brother Michael, I was devastated, not just for the entire Anspach family, a family I have grown to care greatly for and close to in recent years, but also for the world losing yet another amazing individual far before they really ever got the chance to show the world just how amazing they were.

In the brief time I came to know Bobby, what I learned first and foremost was that he had a heart of gold who truly cared about everyone he spent time with. When you spoke to Bobby, it was as if he was reading your soul with his crystal blue eyes, and I always felt a warm presence and glow emanating through them, one that consistently felt extremely welcoming.

Bobby was also the type of guy who frequently wanted to help others and be of service to those who asked for his help. I think it was just in his nature to be of support to those in need, as was overly evident in his life, even with me when I asked him once for assistance with a speaking engagement, which came one Thanksgiving a few years ago. Then, Bobby had come home to spend time with his family, and I asked if he would take some time out of it to come speak at my weekly 12 Step volunteer commitment. There was no hesitation whatsoever and he gladly was of service, something many others besides me saw of him throughout his life. And I must say that whenever Bobby spoke, even that day at that weekly commitment, it was always done with plenty of passion and compassion, enough so to captivate anyone in attendance.

I think what I also loved about Bobby was his sense of humor and his ability to enjoy life in the moment. The last time I saw Bobby was at his brother Michael’s wedding. There he spent much of it careening around the dance floor, truly living it up, as if there wasn’t a care in the world. Bobby always did his best to live life like that, to the fullest really, and that energy he carried was so infectious, that it often drove many others, including me, to try to do the same.

Bobby Anspach was just that type of guy you would have liked from the onset of meeting him, who constantly seemed to smile from ear to ear and was never afraid to give you the warmest of hugs. His love and affection for people in general was very strong, so much so that he often pulled someone out of the lowest of places and moods, easily turning a frown to a smile, and sorrow into laughter. This was more than evident at his Celebration of Life that came a few weeks after his passing.

There, it was obvious how many he had touched throughout his brief time on this planet, as the event drew well over a hundred people, all who had much to say in support of him. Listening to the personal testimonies there of those he grew closest to in his life and learning about the many other talents he had that I had never really got to see, including his gift with art, I found myself wishing I had gotten to know him far more than I did.

Regardless, I am so thankful on this Grateful Heart Monday, for even the brief moments my path walked side by side with Bobby, as during each of them, I got to know another beautiful child of God who shined incredibly brightly during his limited time here. I will miss you Bobby Anspach, and I hope my path may cross yours again one day, may you be at peace with God now, I will always love you my dear friend.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson