Grateful Heart Monday

Recently, I felt a push from my Higher Power to begin something new in my blog that I’m starting today and will be called “Grateful Heart Monday”. With Monday often proving to be a difficult day for so many to find any bit of gratitude, I’ll be using this day of the week from now on to write about one specific thing I’m personally grateful for and why. And it’s my hope that those who read this each week will then in turn come up with at least one thing that they too are grateful for on every Monday and will share what that is back with me.

Thus, moving forward, my gratitude for my first of many “Grateful Heart Monday” entries to come is this. I’m grateful to God that I’m still maintaining this blog, because as of January 14th, 2018, I hit a major milestone. It was on that day I achieved something I never thought I’d be able to, which was to write for five consecutive years. And with this specific entry, I’ve now published 1,844 days in a row, never once giving up on my writing, even when my ego has attempted to convince me at times it would be better to, like on those days when I’ve been in terrible health, or on those days when my articles have mostly gone unread, or even on those days when I’ve received negative comments about something I passionately wrote about. That’s a pretty large accomplishment for a former addict like me who used to rarely follow through on anything while in the deep throngs of plenty of addictions. But I must never take credit for that, for the only reason why I’ve been able to achieve five consecutive years of writing is due to the passion God has continuously given me for this. So, thank You God for helping me to keep writing, to never give up on myself with a talent I know you gave me, and to continue believing right on through my very first “Grateful Heart Monday” that I’m doing Your will and serving a Greater purpose with this very blog for as long as I have…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson