How Reoccurring Styes Led To A Very Powerful Affirmation For Me…

In the past few months, I’ve had to deal with reoccurring styes in my right eye that I’ve determined are related to the difficult healing process I’ve been going through. Being a sound believer in the mind-body connection, I looked up in Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” what styes signify. Ironically, it totally made sense after reading it.

In Hay’s book, the probable cause of a stye is when someone has been “looking at life through angry eyes” and oh, how I can absolutely identify with that. Given the amount of pain and suffering I’ve had to endure for many years now, I definitely have found myself quite a bit lately being filled with anger. Angry with God, angry with my partner, angry with sponsees, angry with the way the world is, angry at far too many things really. While most of that anger hasn’t been expressed externally, because I’ve seen the damage my anger expressed outward has caused too many times, it’s remained repressed within me instead. But, when a second round of having a stye in my right eye occurred not too long after the first went away, and my upper eyelid became pretty swollen, I felt there was something I wasn’t paying attention to. That’s precisely when I looked up in Hay’s book and identified one probable cause of a stye.

This is a one of the main reasons why I like the “You Can Heal Your Life” book so much because not only does it list the probable cause of an ailment, it also lists a mantra that can be used to create a new thought pattern. In this case, the mantra given was perfect and one I’ve been regularly saying throughout my day now. It indeed has been helping me, as I’ve felt far less angry and far more accepting of many of the unfortunate circumstances of life I’m currently dealing with.

The affirmation in the book is as follows:

“I choose to see everyone and everything with joy and love.”

In the past bunch of months where my physical ailments have been so extremely challenging to deal with, I haven’t been seeing much of anyone or anything with joy and love. So, I began saying this mantra and started noticing a shift in my thoughts pretty quickly and decided to slightly alter the affirmation to encompass my specific spiritual journey.

Here’s how I say it now:

“I choose to see everyone and everything with absolute joy and unconditional love, including myself and all my health and healing.”

And there you have it. A very powerful affirmation that I’ve been saying quite frequently these days and benefitting from it. So, whether you have a stye or not, maybe you might find some benefit from this mantra as well…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

Just A Couple Of Affirmations To Help Combat Any Self-Deprecating Thoughts And Fears…

There is one area I’m relatively weak in when it comes to all the suffering I continue to go through in life and that’s not letting my mind overwhelm me with self-deprecating thoughts. Sadly, it’s quite easy to do, especially on those days when I’m really hurting and the world feels totally upside down. Self-deprecation usually begins with me living in fear and worry and the more I engage in it, the more I seem to lose sight of my faith in God. Thankfully, I’ve found the power of affirmations can help to combat this.

I absolutely believe that doing daily affirmations holds much power in helping a person to heal, positively change, and spiritually grow in life. While I have my regular set of affirmations that I do each day in one sitting and have been for quite some time, there have been a few others I’ve begun to use throughout my day just to keep me going when I start getting overly critical of myself with where I’m at in life.

I found the first of these affirmations in one of my daily devotional readings and it really stuck with me because of its ability to be used when experiencing any type of suffering. It goes as follows:

“Even if (state the condition of the suffering), I still believe.”

Pretty simple right? So now, when I find myself getting excessively critical about any one of my health issues that’s arisen and causing me fear, I just insert it in and continue to say it until I feel better.

The other affirmation I’d like to share was discovered a few weeks ago at the spiritual center I’ve been attending on Sunday mornings. There was a very charismatic sermon that took place that day, which really touched my heart and one thing I took away from it was something that was repeated a number of times throughout. It went as follows:

“This isn’t my story, I’m moving on to Higher Ground!”

 I have found this affirmation to feel extremely powerful any time I say it. It seems to help shift my thinking rather rapidly from any state of self-deprecation and fear to one of faith.

Ultimately, it’s my faith that has kept me going thus far through such an incredible amount of suffering, so if a couple of affirmations can help keep me on the path of faith and combat any self-deprecating thoughts and fears, I’m all for it. And I pray you may find some benefit in utilizing them on your spiritual journey as well…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Simple Mantra To Help One Feel They Are Attractive

I believe it’s an unconditionally loving action for each of us to be able to look in the mirror and say we are an attractive person, especially because I think in God’s eyes we all are. Unfortunately, many of us frequently struggle believing that due to our own reasons, like I do because of my body dysmorphia and hypochondria.

Body dysmorphia is a mental condition in which a person becomes overly preoccupied with an imagined physical defect or a real defect that others generally cannot see. Thus, in my case, small blemishes such as pimples, scars, sun spots, etc. appear to be huge, my weight appears to be either overly skinny or overly heavy, or my bodily features (like my nose) appear grossly out of proportion to the rest of me.

Hypochondria is another mental condition in which a person deals with heightened fears about having a grave medical illness over sensations they have within or things they see on the outside of themselves. Thus, any internal aches and pains tend to cause me to think I have some type of disease growing within me. And whenever I see new things pop up on my skin, especially red in nature, I think I have some type of skin condition that’s going to spread all over me.

With both of these mental conditions being active within me at the present time, it makes it extremely difficult to see myself as attractive on any level. Instead, I tend to see a worn-down and tired-looking person who’s covered with signs of being far older than my actual age anytime I look at myself.

While I’ve been working on removing these mental conditions through holistic means, prayer, meditation, and therapy, it was suggested I add another mantra (affirmation) to the many I already utilize on a daily basis.

In this case though, instead of saying it along with the other mantras I repeat in a single sitting each day, I’ve decided I’m going to verbalize this one every time I find myself looking at myself in any way with disdain about my appearance or how I feel inside.

As with all mantras, the use of them will help to manifest a desired change, like I know it will with this simple one I’m sharing with all of you here. But please remember, this isn’t an overnight process, it takes time and daily repetition…

I am attractive, no matter how I look on the outside or feel on the inside.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson