The Powerful Affirmation I’m Claiming For 2022…

My first entry of the new year. 2022. Wow! It’s hard to ponder that number given I was born in 1972, a time when phone calls were only able to be made on one rotary phone in my home with a very long cord! HA! Anyway, as we all embark upon another year, I reflect upon this last one, especially this past holiday season, one I never quite got into.

Overall, 2021 was such a hard year for so many of us. All the losses of life. All the COVID weariness. All the political unrest and drama. All the shootings. All of it just made it so very hard to get into this holiday season. I did my best though, even going to Chicago in early December with my best friend to see all that glitz and glamour that one of the biggest cities of this country shell out during the holiday season. But, for as much as I enjoyed the company of my best friend during that trip, the season still rang hollow to me. And no matter what holiday things I tried to take part in after that trip, it still felt as if I was living in a world where the holidays weren’t even taking place, which honestly was a first in my life, as up until this calendar year, I’ve always felt at least some of that Christmas cheer.

So, as I reflect and look ahead to another year, I’m praying, hoping, and maybe even begging that 2022 will be the year where joy returns, not just in my life, but in everyone else’s as well. So many have seemed so joyless over the past few years, especially in 2021. I think this pandemic truly has taken its toll upon life for countless numbers of us and while this virus keeps on sticking around, wreaking havoc upon our lives, something that continues to frustrate and bring fear to many of us, I have faith and hope that a major shift will happen in 2022 for the better…for all of us.

A shift that not only brings greater joy, but also ones that brings greater peace. Personally, I haven’t been at peace within myself for a very, very, very, long time. I have sought it, channeled it, and worked so very hard to find it, but it has continued to elude me, as it has so many I know, especially over the past few years. And COVID has made that all the harder, truly challenging each of us to smile in a world that has honestly been hard to smile in.

With every new year up until now, I’ve always had hopes for this to happen and hopes for that to happen, making resolutions, promises, and the like, most of which often falling to the wayside at some point, or never manifesting at all. This year though, I’m choosing to do something very different. I’m simply going to claim the energy I desire the most. I’m going to affirm it right now. And pray this indeed manifests, not just for me, but for all of us.

So, Source, God, whatever You are…our world needs far greater peace and joy right now. Not the peace and joy that comes from all those worldly things, but the true peace and joy that can only come from within, from just being alive and existing. I believe only You can help us find that within ourselves so I affirm that in 2022, because of You, we all will find far more of that very thing. Peace and joy will come into all of our lives in 2022, including mine. I thank You God on behalf of everyone on this planet for this…for the peace and joy we all are going to experience. Amen.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Daily Prayer/Blessing That Can Benefit Us All…

I regularly struggle with what words to say during my morning prayers surrounding the rest of the world given how chaotic our world seems to be becoming these days. I tend to think that everyone needs prayers on some level lately, as so many of us seem to be broken in some way, shape, or form. Recently, I came across a great prayer/blessing on one of the Facebook groups I’m part of that I felt was the perfect summation of what I often fail to pull together during my prayer sessions. Considering that, I wanted to re-share it in my blog, partially to not forget it, but more so because I think its message and all the positive energy it’s sending outward can help a lot of others if they start saying it along with me daily. Below is that prayer. I hope you get out of it as much as I do and will join me in saying it each day as I have been doing for some time now. Many blessings to you all…

“I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go wherever it’s needed the most to light up the darkest parts of the world, and I send white light and love to every single person and being I meet or encounter today, including myself, thank you!”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

Facing Control Issues During Those Tough Times…

Do all human beings struggle with letting go of control? I tend to think so, but I think that struggle becomes even greater with those who are going through really tough times in life.

I find it’s always easy to let go of control when all bills are getting paid on time, when all personal relationships are doing just fine, when there are no health issues, and well, when I’m not going through any of those tough times. But as soon as I begin to, I find myself often attempting to usurp control elsewhere in my life to compensate for my lack of control during those tough times.

In the past few years, I’ve been going through an extended tough time, one that happens to be with my health and the chronic pain I go through, something that rarely seems to let up lately. Case in point, I had a notably difficult pain-filled day recently where I came home and began to nitpick apart my partner over things that felt oh so important to me at the time. I yelled, cursed, and screamed so much that I ended up leaving the house close to midnight and going for a drive to cool down. During it, I prayed and cried and started to realize just how much my pain levels were driving me to try to control so many things around me, especially with my partner.

I saw how all my repeated comments on what he did with his free time, or about his eating habits, or what he watches on television, or how he did his chores, or even how he treated me, were all just ways I was attempting at controlling something, seeing how I couldn’t control the very thing I really wanted to control, that being with what’s going on within me.  It’s then I realized how much I was becoming one of those micro-managing bosses I once had eons ago when I was in the corporate work force. And that didn’t sit too well with me at all because I never enjoyed working for any of those bosses back then.

As I pondered all this on that late-night drive, I also reflected on the rest of my life and saw how my repeated attempts at cleaning up my yard debris, pushing my sponsees through their step work, changing the structure of meetings I attend, and expecting friends to communicate with me exactly as I do with them, were just some of the many ways I’ve been attempting to control things in recent months, all in the hopes that each might distract me from the very misery I have with the tough times I keep going through.

The fact is, my life often feels so very out of control with the pain I continue to live with. And because I can’t seem to change this level of pain no matter what I try to do, my ego keeps resorting to repeated attempts to change plenty of things around me, hoping it might make me feel better somehow, but it never does. Instead, it only causes me greater suffering.

But on those rare days though, when my overall pain levels noticeably drop, I find myself going with the flow so much easier, letting things be as they are meant to, accepting everything in the way it presents itself as. Yet as soon as those pain levels return, I find I’m right back to my many attempts to usurp control somewhere in my life.

It’s a recovery 3rd step battle that’s for sure, one that I can look back on now in my life and see how all the periods I was going through those tough times, like when I was losing my business or my home, or when my parents tragically died, or when I lost a job, or when I went through a breakup with a partner, I always became more controlling. So, it’s quite apparent to me that my work for now is to learn how to let go of control during this extended tough time and the only solution I know of to help with this is to keep praying and asking God for help in the matter.

The reality is that I really don’t want to be a controlling person in life and am making great strides to change this part of myself. While I may not be able to change this severely tough time I am unfortunately still having to go through, I can at least work on letting go of all those repeated attempts I make to take control of things that never do pay off and only seem to cause me and plenty of others greater pain and suffering. Because in the end, the last thing this world needs, especially myself, is any greater pain and suffering…

Thank You God for helping me to see how my repeated attempts at taking control aren’t doing me one bit of good. Please help me to fully let go of this unhealthy behavior, as it’s only causing me and others greater pain and suffering. In the end, I know that letting go and letting You fully take over those reins of life, even when my pain remains great, will only help me to feel that much more peace and joy when this tough time finally passes…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

The Difficulties With Prayer For Both Addicts And Non-Addicts

Praying can often seem like such a daunting task, especially for those who’ve ever had any type of addiction tendencies, mostly because of that universal addict mentality that says “I want it my way and right away!” This mentality appears to be a common one with non-addicts as well these days and sadly, the truth is that prayer doesn’t always work this way.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that a great number of people in this world have often resorted to prayer when the “shit hit the fan” for them. In other words, when their relationships failed, when they faced financial ruin, when they developed serious health issues, when child custody issued occurred, when they got fired from their jobs or their employment abruptly ended for other reasons, when they got arrested, when they faced jail time, when loneliness got too great for them, or when any other terrible tragedy took place in their lives, is usually the precise moment when God was called upon by them for help, even if they never had any prior relationship with God. But when that help didn’t come immediately and when an immediate fix didn’t occur, the tendency for both addicts and non-addicts is to get angry at God and flip the middle finger. Thus, making it even harder to turn to prayer in the future. On the contrary though, if an immediate fix did miraculously take place after those prayers, which I normally refer to as “911-prayers”, the tendency is to then start expecting God to do it all the time for them.

But sadly, this really doesn’t tend to be how prayer works for most of us in this world. God isn’t some genie, granting our every wish every time we ask, and because of that, addicts, and plenty of other non-addicts too, often turn away from God because they don’t get exactly what they want.

From my personal experiences with prayer, God not only works on a different timetable than the one my ego wants, but also seems to answer prayers at times in ways that are contrary to what I think I totally need.

Case in point, I’ve been praying for years and years now for my physical, mental, and emotional suffering to be fully lifted, which as of this writing, still hasn’t been. Healing has in fact been rather slow and challenging for me, yet somehow, I’ve become much stronger of an individual because of it, filled with far more faith and patience than I ever had before. Old unhealthy patterns have also been broken in the process, other outlying addictions have been overcome, my level of compassion has increased, as has my unconditional love for others. And I don’t think that any of that would have occurred if God had answered my prayer like my impatient addict brain had desired long ago when I first uttered it.

Nevertheless, praying does not guarantee an immediate answer from God, as my life sure has proven that. But what my life has proven is that God does work on a level far beyond my comprehension when answering my prayers. And even when I’ve thought God hasn’t been answering them, even when my ego has attempted to convince me that God doesn’t exist and that praying is stupid, somewhere within me I still have continued to believe that God is working on a level that’s rather like a Master Chess player, knowing precisely what moves to make to achieve an end goal to this very prayer I first prayed so long ago.

So, if you are someone who finds difficulty with prayer, use my life as living proof that although prayer may not be answered immediately or in the ways exactly desired, that something wonderful does happen for our greater good and far beyond our understanding, each time we do pray. And while I may not be feeling how I’d like to be feeling in my body yet, I do like the person I’m becoming far more than the person I was becoming before I ever muttered my first prayer to heal, and that truly is what’s convinced me that God always does answer every one of our prayers. It’s only our egos, our impatience, and our self-centeredness that says otherwise and makes prayer such a difficult thing in our minds in the first place…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Selfless Prayer From “Turn My Heart”

I found this prayer in a book titled “Turn My Heart” by Susan Briehl and Marty Haugen that really spoke to me. I liked it so much that I wanted to share it in my blog, as I feel that many in this world, especially those in recovery, will truly appreciate it. On some level, it reminded me quite a bit of St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer about selflessness. I hope you might find comfort and connection to the following words of this prayer as much as I did. Peace!

when I am famished, give me someone who needs food;
when I am thirsty, send me someone who needs water;
when I am cold, bring me someone to warm;
when I am hurting, send me someone to console;
when my cross becomes heavy, give me another’s cross to share;
when I am poor, lead someone needy to me;
when I have no time, give me someone to help for a moment;
when I am humiliated, give me someone to praise;
when I am discouraged, send me someone to encourage;
when I need another’s understanding, give me someone who needs mine;
when I need someone to take care of me, send me someone to care for;
when I dwell upon myself, turn my heart toward another.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Story And A Prayer Surrounding The Judging Of Others

“A 24-year-old boy seeing out from the train’s window shouted… “Dad, look the trees are moving backwards!” His dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby looked at the 24-year old’s childish behavior with pity, when suddenly the boy exclaimed… “Dad, look the clouds are running with us!” The couple began to really feel sorry for the boy, as well for his father, and suddenly said to the old man… “Has it been difficult for you to raise a developmentally challenged child?” The old man chuckled and said… “Actually, my son was blind from birth and we just came from the hospital where he finally got his eyes back…”

Have you ever grossly misjudged someone like this at any point in your life? I know I have and have had to put my foot in my mouth a number of times because of it. While it’s relatively easy to judge someone at first glance, it’s not so easy to take back those judgments once they’re vocalized, especially when they’re wrong.

I went through this just recently at a friend’s party I attended. There, where the predominant attendees were gay men, someone showed up that I had always assumed was gay himself. When I approached him, smiled and said, “I always wondered if you were gay and now I know!”, he responded uncomfortably and said “Actually I’m not, and this is my wife.” I’m sure I turned two sheets of red after that just like I did when I’ve asked a few women over the years how far along they were with their pregnancies only to find out they were just heavier-set women with a bulge in that area. Or when I’ve asked individuals where their accent was from only to find out it was just from a speech impediment. So yes, I’ve definitely put my foot in my mouth far too many times because of making erroneous judgments just like the couple did in this story.

Obviously, I still have some work to do in this area of my life, so I’m glad this story was a good reminder of that for me, as ultimately, I think the only one who’s really qualified to ever make any type of judgment is God, and I’m definitely not that, that’s for sure…

God, I pray for help to have greater restraint of pen and tongue in my life, especially when my mind starts to make up rash judgments of someone else from a first glance. Please guide me in all my thoughts, words, and actions so that they may become free from judging others, as I desire to leave that solely up to You.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

The Morning Prayer

Prayer is an interesting thing in that I tend to believe everybody utilizes in their own unique way. But if there was one commonality I’ve seen amongst all those who do use prayer in their life is that it’s usually the morning prayer, i.e. the first one of the day, that they consider to be the most important. I tend to agree because any time I’ve ever skipped or forgotten to do it, it often seems as if the rest of that day has become far more chaotic than when I have done my morning prayer.

That being said, I have continued to maintain the belief that there isn’t a right or wrong way to pray nor do I think that one prayer holds more weight than another to God because of the way it’s said or how long of time one puts into it. In fact, sometimes even the simplest prayer of “God please help me” can be more effective when spoken with an open heart and tears, than saying a lofty one that takes over thirty minutes.

But In regards to the morning prayer itself, I must say that for me it changes all the time, mostly depending on how I’m feeling when I awake. Even so, occasionally I find myself saying the same one multiple days in a row, especially when I’m feeling connected to its words. Most of the time the words are of my own creation and come straight from my heart, but once in a while, I come across someone else’s prayer that truly moves me and stirs my soul.

I discovered one of those just recently in a book I was reading by a United Methodist pastor named Adam Hamilton. In the book, he shared that he starts each of his mornings always in the same way, with a very simple prayer. Because of its simplicity, yet still profound in its statement as well, I was moved enough to share it in my blog today with the rest of the world. Why I like it so much is because it says exactly how I want my relationship to be with God every single day I continue to breathe on this planet.

So, if you happen to be someone who struggles at times with prayer, especially in the morning when starting your day, I encourage you to try this one, as you may just find its simplicity as soothing and guiding as I have.

“God, once again I offer my life to You. Use me today to do Your work and Your will. Help me to honor You and to live for You and to be used by You.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Christmas Blessing And Prayer For All

It’s Christmas Day and one where not everyone will be celebrating. Of course, some of those are people who don’t live in places in this world where it’s a custom, and others are simply just part of religions that don’t take part in it. But then there’s many others who otherwise would, but due to unfortunate life factors they won’t be this year.

Maybe that’s because they don’t have any family or loved ones.

Maybe that’s because they’re homeless.

Maybe that’s because they’re so addicted to something like alcohol, gambling, sex, or drugs.

Maybe it’s because they’re sick and ailing.

Or maybe it’s because of some else altogether.

Regardless, it’s my hope that each of us will remember those people today and at least send a blessing out to all those who are less fortunate.

It’s something that’s quite easy to forget, especially when opening presents or over indulging in food that some never get of either today.

So as I wish and bless each of you a Merry Christmas, I also leave you with a special prayer that goes out to all those who may not be feeling so fortunate today…

Dear God, I know that there are those out there who won’t be celebrating this Christmas, who otherwise normally would be. For whatever their reason God, I ask that you bless each of them, and at least let them all know You love them unconditionally. For its on special days like today where I often believe there are many out there who need a reminder of that. And may I also be a vessel to carry that out for You today, an extension of Your unconditional love, for at least one person that truly needs to know they are unconditionally loved. Amen.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

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For Those Who Hurt

This quick entry goes out to all those who are hurting right now in life, no matter what your hurt is, I want each of you to know that you’re not alone and that I’m sending you prayers of love and light. May God bless each of you with strength to keep going and to keep trusting that it will get better. I love you all.

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Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Emptying And Renewing

I like simple prayers, ones that are quite easy to remember, yet still have a profound impact in all their simplicity. Recently, I heard one of those at a recovery meeting and ever since, I’ve been saying it on just about a daily basis, not just in the morning upon waking, but all throughout the day. Here’s that prayer:

“Higher Power, empty me of me, and fill me with You.”

Of course the words “Higher Power” can be replaced by anything one wishes to use. In my case, I’ve used “God” or “Jesus” or “Holy Spirit” or “Creator” just to name a few. Nevertheless, why this speaks so profoundly to me is that most of my life I was always filling myself with nothing but myself. In other words, I was full of myself and there was no room for anything else.

These days, I sincerely have but one desire and that’s to be emptied of every part of me that stands in the way of fully serving my Higher Power, whom I choose to refer to as God. And as I’m emptied, I long to be filled back up by only one thing and that’s whatever God wishes to put back within me. Because in all honesty, everything I always filled myself up with constantly got depleted and left me feeling empty all over again. But I truly believe that whatever God fills me with will be eternal.

So as I continue to use this prayer on a regular basis in my own life, it’s my hope that you might find connection to its words, as much I have…

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Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

Removing My Last Bit Of Codependence And A Prayer

Recently, someone very dear to me asked that I grant them some space for a good chunk of time due to some things they were going through. I didn’t take the request very well at first and instead went into my head with all sorts of abandonment issues, self-pity, and doubt. But after some deep introspection, I realized there was a greater purpose that was meant to come out of this and it deals with breaking free of the last bit of codependency I seem to still have in life.

While much of my codependent ways have already been removed, there’s one specific area I have yet to work through and it deals with my connection to God. While this may seem a little strange to some, I’ve been overly reliant upon plenty of others throughout my life solely for the purpose of having them connect to God for me. Whether that’s been through a religious leader, a close friend, a spiritual teacher, a holistic guru, a psychic, or some other person that had strong ties and daily practices connecting to God, there’s always been at least someone in my life, at any given point in time who I’ve been consulting regularly with on what God’s will is for me.

The reality is that I want to be fully trusting and reliant upon my Higher Power, listening and responding to Their direct guidance versus always going to someone else for that reassurance. But sadly, the latter is what I’ve done for far too long, essentially going from one person to the next, asking if God has communicated anything to them about my specific spiritual journey. In regards to the person who asked for some time and space to work through some of their own stuff is an example of just one of many over the years I constantly asked for that reassurance.

But now I realize it’s time for me to finally stand on my own two feet and learn to spread my wings and fly from that nest once and for all. I know this is a critical stage in my spiritual growth and I know that remaining codependent on others to connect to God on my behalf is only going to impede that from happening.

Thus, while my ego may not be happy about having someone I love dearly ask for some space for a while from me, the fact remains that it’s actually a good and healthy thing for my spiritual growth. While I know this is a serious challenge for my ego, it’s a necessary action needed if I want to learn how to trust fully in God, as well as with my inner guidance.

So I accept that challenge. Because ultimately, I want to become fully trusting and reliant upon God in this life. I want to trust in that inner voice as well that connects me to God, but to get there, I know all of my codependent ways must be removed.

“God, this is a big step in my spiritual journey to grow closer to You, but one that I know is necessary nonetheless. So I pray that I don’t try to grasp onto yet another person to have them be the intercessor between You and me. Instead, I commit to finally taking a step I’ve avoided for all of my life. A step where I no longer rely upon another human being to intercede on my behalf to connect with You. Thus, I pray to become fully open to receiving the guidance and direction from You, instead of from others whom I’ve become codependent on to receive that. And while I know this goes against what my ego thinks and wants, I also know it’s necessary if I want to fully step into the Light. So I pray for the strength to achieve this. Thank You and Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

“If Prayer Works, Why Doesn’t it Work For Everyone?”

If prayer works, why doesn’t it work for everyone?

This was a question I was asked recently by someone very close to my heart who has been going through a lot of their own pain and struggles in the past few years. I too have wondered this myself a number of times over the last bunch of years. But I think the real question being asked here is better worded like this…

Why do some prayers get answered while others don’t?

This is such a tough question to ponder. Even the greatest spiritual beings in history have had trouble with resolving it. While I can’t say I have the exact answer either, maybe I can best respond like this.

I have struggled with mental, emotional, and physical pain for years now. When it first began I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed for it to end and to return to a much better state of health. When those prayers went unanswered over the course of days, weeks, months, and then eventually years, I began to question my faith and wonder if God even existed. Was anyone even hearing all my prayers? Was anyone out there even listening to any of my tear-soaked words?

At first I was angry and wanted to rebel. I wanted to be resentful at God for letting this happen to me. But over time, something changed. My heart opened. And through that, I began to see all my pain and suffering from a totally different perspective. I realized that if my prayers had been answered years ago I would have never gained the gratitude I have in life for even the smallest of things like I do now. I also wouldn’t have seen that God exists in everyone and everything like I do now. But even more importantly than that, I would never have had my faith as much as it has through all of this. And most likely, if my prayers for healing had been answered long ago, there’s a strong likelihood I would have returned to my life of addictions, because that’s all I ever knew.

Sitting still and waiting on God, praying day in and day out for a brighter day has definitely not been an easy thing to do. Especially when my ego has screamed and screamed and screamed at me, trying to take control saying there must be a better way. Unfortunately, the last time I allowed it to convince me of that, I found myself in a much-worse state that I already was and became heavily medicated just to exist.

So while my prayers for better health haven’t been answered yet, something else has. God has provided me with an abundance of food, water, shelter, clothing, and companionship to keep me going. That’s a lot to be said compared to the millions and millions of people in this world who don’t have one or more of those things on any given day. Seeing that from this perspective helped me to alter my prayers along the way, as now I just ask for the strength to endure until God delivers me into a brighter day. And occasionally I’ve gotten glimpses of that in various ways, ever reminding me that something beyond my comprehension is hearing my prayers and working on my behalf.

In all honesty, looking back, I’m kind of glad that my prayers weren’t answered in the way I wanted because it only would have satisfied my ego and not my soul. And the last thing I want to satisfy is my ego on any level right now, as it’s my ego that has always been the one that has led me to ask those questions of why do some prayers go unanswered. It’s my ego that has always tried to convince me that when my prayers aren’t answered in the way it wants, that God must not exist. It’s my ego that’s always tried to convince me that if God was all-loving, then why would God let bad things happen to me. And the more I’ve listen to my ego, the more I’ve lived in anger, resentment, and frustration, the more I’ve blamed God for everything, and the more I’ve questioned whether it’s even worth it to pray or not. Being in that place did nothing good for me and only left me feeling empty and alone, so that’s why I continue to pray and believe my prayers are still being answered.

So why doesn’t prayer work for everyone and why do some prayers go unanswered?

My answer is simple. I believe it’s the ego that says prayer doesn’t work and it’s the ego that makes one think their prayers aren’t getting answered. If we could just get out of our own way and thinking, we might see that something greater is at work in our lives, that our prayers are being answered, and that it’s probably being done in a fashion far better than anything we could ever have imagined for ourselves…

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Dealing With Pain And Drudgery

I’ve received a bunch of reminders lately from those very close to me that I might be spending too much time dwelling on the pain I’ve been enduring for what seems like an eternity now. The fact is, what they’re telling me is absolutely true. I’ve found myself quite a bit in recent weeks talking, writing, and musing on my pain and health issues, and in all honesty, it hasn’t helped me to deal with it much. So when I spoke to my sister the other day about this very issue, she read me a daily reflection from one of her own spiritual books that I felt really helped, especially the prayer at the end of it. Because of this, I’ve decided to include an excerpt of it for today’s entry, as I know it has a positive spiritual message for me on what I’m currently going through in life…

“…Maybe God wrote our pain so His glory could be displayed in our lives today. Allow God to shift your focus from pain to His glory. He promises to show up and arrange circumstances – so He is your hero. Pain may lead to a cascade of spiritual blessing. Drudgery may be the backdrop for extravagant compassion. The God who writes the pain is with us. He writes with purpose and love – and with our supreme benefit in mind.”

“Dear God, Author of life and each day, help me trust You with my pain. I beg You to take it away – but if my pain brings You glory, I ask You to take my focus off myself and help me turn my thoughts to You.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Living One Day At A Time

My mind has been future tripping a lot lately and all of it has to do with what I’ve been writing about just as much in here, and that’s my health. Having gone through long periods of chronic pain and suffering now for years, it’s been hard not to think about my future and what the state of my health will be next week, next month, next year, etc. But every time I do so, I’m reminded of a principle I learned the very first day I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and that’s to live “One Day At A Time”. That’s why I decided it was best for me to write the following prayer today, knowing it will help keep myself more focused on that important principle.

“Dear God, I keep struggling to stay in today. My mind seems to constantly drift off into incessant worries about the future and how my life is going to be in it. I know it’s not helping me on any level anytime I do this, but my fear continues to overpower me and lead me that way. Please God help me to stay more in the moment and more in the now, as I know in doing so, it will make life far more bearable. And please help me to remember each time my fear begins to overwhelm me, that You have the ultimate plan and that everything truly is going to be ok. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For My 2015 International AA Convention Trip

Last week I posted a blog entry about two fears I have in going to the 2015 International AA Convention ( Well the day has finally arrived for me to head down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend that recovery event, so I decided it might be best for me to write a prayer to help guide my way for my entire time there. I must be honest and admit I’m still feeling those fears though, yet I’m choosing to remain faithful in my Higher Power by walking through them and not cancelling this trip. But before I share my prayer with you, there is something I would like to ask of each of you, once you’re done reading this brief post. Would all of you please pray for me as well, asking your Higher Power to guide me, to give me strength, and to help me experience a lot of joy while I’m on this trip. Thank you in advance for all your love and support and know I’m very grateful.

“Dear God, I don’t really know what you have in store for me on my trip to Atlanta for this 2015 International AA Convention, but I’ve decided to still go because I truly believe I’m meant to walk through the fears I have in going. Whether I end up facing any of my painful past experiences by running into former friends from Massachusetts, I’m trusting that you’ll guide all of my thoughts, words, and actions if I do. As for my ongoing struggles with my health, I’m not exactly sure what to pray for other than the strength to easily handle anything that shall arise surrounding it while away. And overall God, my only real hope for this trip is to experience a tremendous amount of joy, because frankly, I’ve been more down than up lately and have forgotten what it feels like to have a strong presence of that living within me. Amen.”

PS – I felt it’d be quite appropriate to make sure I place a “thought for the day” out here on my blog for every day I’ll be away, all under the topic of “having faith”. 🙂

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Overcoming All My Health-Related Fears

I’ve been having a lot of fears lately about the state of my health. In fact, I’ve been consumed with it more than not, which means I’ve been dealing with it mostly in my head instead of my heart. This is specifically why I decided it would be best to write a prayer about it so that I can give it up to God. So here goes:

“Dear God, I’ve really been struggling lately over the state of my health. It truly seems as if my body is hurting everywhere and there are too many days now where all of it just completely overwhelms me. I’m scared because I haven’t had much relief in quite a while and I honestly can’t remember what having a good day feels like anymore. God, the only thing I know to do anytime I become this fearful is pray, so I ask that You help me dispel all these fears that I keep on having about my health and healing. Please also help me to continue trusting I’m on the right path and let me know if I should ever deviate from it as well. But most importantly, please help me to not let any of these health-related fears consume me any longer, as they only drive me farther away from feeling close to You. Thank you God for hearing my prayer. Amen.” 

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

An Early Prayer For The 2016 Presidential Election

I know that many people will probably think the purpose of today’s entry might be a little ridiculous, but I don’t. Given the current state of our country’s affairs, especially in matters of gay rights, I’ve truly been concerned about this upcoming presidential election in 2016.

Our country is very charged right now on so many issues. But the one I’m most affected by at the present time is this one dealing with gay rights. There are far too many individuals at the present time in the United States fighting to oppress a gay person’s ability to have full equality in this country, using religious context as their basis.

While I know many have had their choice words about Obama, I’ve been overly grateful that he has taken a number of steps towards greater equality since he took office. But what’s going to happen to all his hard work and all the achievements so many others have fought for if the next president is severely conservative and believes homosexuality is a sin? Will steps start being taken, as they have been in places such as Indiana or Arkansas, to creating legislation that makes room for back-end forms of discrimination? Will my ability to having equal rights in things such as housing and jobs slowly begin to evaporate? Will the long battle for same-sex marriage be set back several decades?

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions, but I’m definitely concerned for where our country is going to head in the near future under the next president. Regardless, I spent a good majority of today talking about this very issue, which did nothing more for me than increase my sense of uncomfortability with it all. Thus, I felt it was most appropriate to go to the one thing that will bring me comfort and that’s to bring this into prayer with my Higher Power, so here goes…

“Dear God, I’m seriously concerned about where my country is headed. Lately it seems as if everyone is taking one side or another instead of coming together and finding love and acceptance amongst each other. I have a hard time believing that this is what You envisioned things coming to. Over the past eight years we’ve had a president that I believe has done his absolute best to bring forth greater equality. Yet, I’m seeing dissension towards achieving that on a constant basis lately, much in part due to people using their religious views as a means to judge and discriminate. Because of this, I’m not sure what’s going to happen if our next president is extremely conservative with very strong religious beliefs. I have great fear of the backwards steps that might be taken by a leader such as this, which would only end up moving us even further away from the very thing that Jesus said we should always practice. So I leave this prayer in Your hands God. Please guide our country over the upcoming year to select our next leader who will be someone that will work to bring us closer together, who will continue to guide us towards achieving equality between everyone, and who will promote unconditional love and acceptance of all. Thank you God. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

Do I Matter?

Do I matter? This question is by far the thing that’s most challenging me in my life as of late. I was clearly reminded of this just over a week ago when a saw a Facebook posting on the newsfeed from an old sponsee of mine.

In it he mentioned how that day marked seven years of a life free from alcohol and drugs and also thanked a few names of people who had given him hope to reach his latest milestone in sobriety. But my name wasn’t one of them, and it bothered me immensely. I became even more perturbed when I saw he had over 200 “likes” to his posting and close to 100 comments as well praising his success. While I truly was happy for him and quite sure he received the recognition he might have hoped for and then some, I allowed it to get the best of me, becoming overly frustrated along the way. It made me think of all the motivational blogs I’ve been writing daily for over two years and how they’ve been read by very little and received even less recognition. It made me think of the many other sponsees I’ve done my very best to help who were often more apt to criticize than praise me for my efforts. And it made me think of the many other things I’ve tried to do to help make this world a better place that have often gone unnoticed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do know and understand that all of these thoughts are totally coming from my ego. And I know that mattering in this world and being recognized by another person, place, or thing will never bring me the peace and serenity I seek in life. I get that, trust me I do. I get that this kind of attention only causes one to look for it again somewhere else once the buzz of receiving it wears off. I also get that true peace and serenity, and feeling like one matters in life must come from within.

Obviously I have an unresolved issue here in my own spiritual recovery and in all honesty, I’m trying to work through it now by writing about it here. I actually know where this pattern began. I know it began with my parents and my relationship to them because I spent my entire childhood trying to feel like I mattered to them and hoping they would recognize my achievements with a simple “I’m so proud of you” type of statement. But more than not, the message they taught me was how I could always do better. What this translated into was the pattern I’m still living in today on some level. I have spent too many years of my life trying to outdo myself, trying to overachieve and get recognition, and trying to have someone else or something else on this planet prove I matter.

Would it be different right now if my parents had paid more attention to me and given me unconditional love? Would it be different if they had told me over and over again how proud they were of me with no strings attached? I don’t know and truthfully being hypothetical here isn’t helping me to move beyond this. I have to find some way within to know that I matter. I have to find some way to stop seeking that outside recognition, which one friend used to refer to as “At-a-boys”.

Buddhism says that the path to total peace and serenity comes from the loss of self. Jesus demonstrated that quite a bit himself in the stories I’ve read about him. I have never thought of the word “ego” when it came to the original Buddha or Jesus, or any of the other great spiritual teachers who’ve left their legacies behind before passing on from this plane.

So the only thing I know to do right now is pray, pray for my Higher Power to help me move beyond this challenge and obstacle that has been plaguing me way too much as of late. So God, if you’re listening, which I really hope You are, please help me. Please help me overcome this pattern that has been around since I was such a young kid. I want to know God that I matter, but I truly want that to come from within and not from outside of me anymore. I want to be able to give myself all the recognition I ever need and be completely ok with that knowing that any of the outside recognition I’ve ever received has only led me to seek even more of it. I’m sure God that I matter to You, and that You probably have already recognized me time and time again for the hard work I’ve been putting in to grow closer to You. But I need help now to truly find that from within, as then and only then do I believe I will ever be at peace and find the serenity I truly seek in life. Thank You God. Amen.

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Christmas Prayer For Those Less Fortunate

Another Christmas has finally arrived, where plenty of warm homes will see children delightfully ripping open presents with excitement and glee. Just as much as I’m sure there will be many others where only grown-ups will be exchanging presents with each other as well. Soon bellies will also be full for both the young and the old from those large holiday meals.

But what about those on this day who have no place to call home and are out there roaming the streets?

And what about those that have a home but with no food to put on their table today?

And what about those that had no money to buy their children or loved ones any gifts to open today?

And what about those that have nobody to spend today with at all?

It’s so easy to forget about anyone who is less fortunate than ourselves while soaking up all that we have on days like today. I personally remember a very lonely December 25th spent in a Chinese restaurant, ultimately friendless and present-less. I’m grateful I’m not in that place in life anymore, given I have a partner that I love dearly who I’ll be spending this day with, as well as with many others in recovery I’ll be seeing at various Christmas parties I attend. But my heart is still saddened for all those on this day who may not have anyone or anything at all to look forward to. Thus, I feel led to write a prayer today for all those who may be less fortunate than myself, which I truly hope will inspire you to send out your own prayers for them as well…

“Dear God, I pray for all of those out there today that may be homeless. May you guide each of them to places where they are embraced and kept warm. I pray for all of those today that may not have a single gift to open as well. May you provide each of them the best gift of all, which is an abundance of your unconditional love. I pray for all of those today too that may not have any food whatsoever to put on their table. May you lead each of them to places that will give them a bountiful and delicious meal for free. And lastly, I pray for all of those today that are lonely and have no one to spend it with at all. May you bring each of them some loving companionship, as I don’t believe you would want any of your children to be alone on this special day. Please bless us all God and help us to be grateful for what we have today and not what we don’t, and please bless those who may be less fortunate than ourselves, as they too deserve everything each of us have in life as well. I’m truly grateful for my own life God and for what I’ve been given. Thank You for everything and Merry Christmas! Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer To Begin Anew

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt so irritable that you ended up starting arguments with just about everyone you came around? I have because today was definitely one of them and I know I could have handled things so much better than I did. But thankfully I’ve learned in 12 Step Recovery from my addictions that I can begin anew at any time, which is what I’m trying to do right now as I compose this entry.

There was actually a common theme to each of the arguments I started over the course of this off-kilter day. In every case, it was my expectations that weren’t being met with how I wanted people to treat me. The key word I need to pay the most attention to here is “expectations”, as it is they that have always been the thing to lead me into having some serious resentments. While it was my ego’s natural inclination to be upset at the lack of integrity and unconditional love I felt from people today, all of that was based upon expectations I had placed upon everyone.

Normally I’m much better at preventing myself from creating expectations like this these days, but unfortunately, today just wasn’t one of them. Whether that was due to my nightmare-laden and restless sleep from the night before, the high levels of physical pain I had throughout the day, or something else altogether, I can’t say. Regardless, I didn’t disseminate the peace, love, light, and joy today that I usually try to every single day. I’m sure part of that, if not all of it, was due to me not taking a few extra moments to pray and ask for help. For some reason, I carried the burden mostly on my own today and that didn’t pay off too well.

It was clearly a good reminder though of how my days used to be for me when I didn’t allow God to be in charge of much of my life. The result of living that way when I did was no different than the brief taste I got from it today, which was a stomach full of poison in the form of ugly resentments. Having that inside me right now really doesn’t feel good at all and the only way I know how to change that and begin anew is to pray, so here goes nothing…

“Dear God, I took my will back today again and again and again. I placed expectations on people that I honestly can’t say I know all that’s going on within each of them. I became resentful in the process and I know that doesn’t bode well for the spiritual path I’m trying so desperately to remain on. So I ask for Your forgiveness for any pain or harm my words may have brought any of Your children today and I also ask that each of those people forgive me as well. Help me God to be free of any resentments I may have put back within me today. I unconditionally love and forgive myself for falling short of my spiritual ideal today and thank You God for helping me to begin anew once again.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Reconciliation

When something starts consuming my thinking and bothering me quite a bit, I usually start trying to turn it over to my Higher Power by praying about it. I’ve had to do this rather frequently lately with a situation dealing with a very close friend of mine who has been keeping his distance from me.

While my friend’s lack of communication has seriously challenged my levels of patience, love and tolerance, there is a piece of why it’s happening that I do own. I used to demonstrate a tremendous amount of selfishness and self-centeredness with him over the course of most of the years we’ve been friends. He always forgave me though, but deep down I always believed it would probably one day resurface within him. Although I made my formal amends from these former behaviors with him almost two years ago now, moving away to a new area and not having the constant contact with him somehow has brought it all back up within him again. At this time, I know there’s nothing more I can do other than turn it over to my Higher Power by praying about it. That’s why I decided today I would write the following prayer for reconciliation with this friend. But please know that you may use it as well, if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation one day…

“Dear God, I miss (Person’s Name) greatly. I know I’ve caused some extensive damage to our relationship over the years, but I believe I’m doing my best now to rectify that. I honestly don’t know what more I can do to help (him/her) see that though, other than what I’m already doing. Not hearing from (him/her) has seriously been challenging me on every level to not get angry, and the longer it continues to go on, the more it seems to be making that happen. I don’t want to be angry God, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to proceed forward in this situation, so I’m asking for Your assistance. I fully turn this problem over to You now and ask that You help (Person’s Name) find total forgiveness in his heart and soul for all the harm I’ve caused (him/her) since the beginning. I ask that You support (him/her) with whatever work (he/she) needs to do within (himself/herself) to get there, so that (he/she) may find the peace inside (he/she) truly deserves. It’s also my hope that You will guide us both to reconciliation, but I completely accept that whatever happens from this point forward is Your will. Until then, I thank You for any guidance and direction You end up sending me on how to handle this. I love you God. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Daily Spiritual Renewal

Anytime I share a prayer in a blog entry, it’s normally one I’ve personally written. But occasionally there are some that come along my way, which I feel moved to also include in here. The following is one of those and it was read at the end of a recovery meeting I attended a few days ago. It’s written in such a way that I feel is more of an affirmation than a prayer, but maybe that’s why I like it so much. I decided to call it a prayer for daily spiritual renewal, as it speaks to my heart quite a bit of how I can refresh my own spiritual journey and recovery from addictions each and every day. I truly hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I have…

“Today, I make a decision to turn the care of my life and my will over to my Higher Power to be built anew: happy, joyous, and free from the bondage of self; relieved of my difficulties, fears, and anxieties so that I may help others and show them this willingness, this love, and this way of life. May I follow my Higher Power’s will for me, always.”


Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer To Not Give Up

I’ve never been much of a quitter overall in life, but there are plenty of times lately when I feel like just giving up. Enduring the challenges I’ve faced over the past four years with my health and healing has definitely grinded away a tremendous amount of my fortitude. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going on days like today when I feel that way is a prayer. Prayer seems to combat any desire that arises to give up, as giving up would only mean going back to an addiction-filled life to numb my pain or ending my life altogether. Neither is an option I really wish to pursue, but on days like today when I don’t understand why my spiritual growth and healing has to be so difficult, they appear very viable. The following is a prayer I actually wrote this morning to help me get through today, and it’s just one of many I’ve used to navigate successfully through any of those difficult days when they’ve happened. So if you should ever feel the desire to give up because of your own pain, it’s my hope you may use this prayer and that it will help you as much as I know it will help me. God bless.

“Dear God, lately it’s been very difficult to keep going. I often think about giving up because of the pain I continue to feel inside. I do my best everyday to put on a smile and make the best of it, but that’s becoming harder and harder to achieve. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do other than be patient and have faith. But the longer I continue to deal with this pain, the more impatient I become and the more my faith seems to wane. Please strengthen me enough God so that I resist any desire to return to old behaviors that used to numb me every single day. Please also help me resist any urge to take my life because I know that’s not what You would want of me either. I just pray God that You help me make it through whatever it is I’m still going through and that I don’t ever give up. I look forward to when I’m free of this bondage and I thank You for the day when that is meant to happen. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Acceptance

Acceptance of what life sends our way can often be quite difficult to deal with, especially when it’s not in alignment with our ego. For those like myself who have suffered greatly from addictions, that acceptance tends to frequently be even harder to deal with. There is a great paragraph that I found in my recovery from those addictions that has guided my journey to embracing acceptance a lot more in life. It appears on Page 417 of the 4th Edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and reads as follows:

“And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation – some fact of my life – unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake. Until I could accept my alcoholism, I could not stay sober; unless I accept life completely on life’s terms, I cannot be happy. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.”

Finding acceptance with everything in life is a process for all of us though, whether we’ve suffered from addictions or not. By praying for it regularly, our lives can and will become filled with an incredible amount more of serenity. For this reason, I’ve rewritten the excerpt above into a prayer for everyone to use. If you should ever find yourself struggling with having this trait in any aspect of your life, I truly hope you will end up using this prayer to help you find more of it…

“Dear God, I know it’s said that acceptance can be the answer to all my problems in life. Well lately I have a problem that deals with __________________, and I haven’t been very serene because of it. I pray You help me to accept this problem as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this very moment. If nothing, absolutely nothing, truly happens in Your world by mistake, then please help me to come to acceptance by seeing and learning the lesson in this. I also ask that You help me to concentrate not so much on how I think this problem should be resolved, as on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes. And thank you God for whatever path You end up guiding me on to get there. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For A New Beginning

It was on April 23rd, 2012 when I finally made a decision to remove the last toxic person I had in my life. Up until that day, I had been keeping an individual in my life that had been perpetuating my addiction-prone life. I had realized that no level of the pains I felt would ever go away if I continued to keep people like this man in my life. I also realized that I would be holding on to some part of my self-will if I didn’t let him go. To live a spiritual life of love and light required me to take that action and so I did. But I also took one other action on that day. I wrote a prayer on the opening page of my Alcoholics Anonymous book that I use on just about every day of my life. I did this to solidify a new beginning and decided to share it with all of you in here today. May you feel my heart and soul in its words and know that a new beginning can begin at any point in time…

“God, You are the sole source of my happiness, my joy, and my everything. I know of nothing in this world that will bring me any of that unless you are at the center of it. Please God, fill me with Your purpose, center all of me with serving You, and show me the only path to eternal fulfillment. Lord, I love You and I thank you for giving me the strength each and every day to continuing forward. Please guide me and direct me to the healing that You see I need. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Understanding

Has there ever been an individual in your life who you really didn’t like and you consistently struggled to figure out why? Put in another way, have you ever had a chip on your shoulder towards someone else who never really has done anything to hurt you? If you can answer yes to either one of these questions, it’s important for you to understand something. Sometimes the people we don’t like very much are actually just reflecting back to us some deep-seated fears, insecurities, or parts of our life that are spiritually unhealthy and need to be worked through.

I’ve often had circumstances like this arise with people throughout my life and the only solution I’ve found to working through any of them is to pray for understanding. If you should ever find yourself feeling angry, irritated, frustrated, or bothered by someone else, I encourage you to use the following prayer as I know it will help bring you greater clarity and healing to the situation.

“Dear God, I’m really struggling with _________________. I find myself getting irritated so easily when I see (him/her). I’m bothered by some of things (he/she) does and I really don’t know why. It’s definitely occupying my mind and energy and consuming me on some level. I know that’s not spiritually healthy for me and I’d like to be free from this burden. God, please help me to see if this person is just being a reflection for some area of my life that still needs to be worked through. Please help me to let whatever it is go once You reveal it to me. And please bless _______________ with all Your love, forgiveness, and peace too. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Being Open To Change

There are quite a number of individuals in this world who have become rather resistant to change in many areas of their lives. I should know, as I was once someone who was against changing anything that put me outside my comfort zone. In fact, I was completely happy staying comfortably uncomfortable, even though I knew that change could be a good thing for me. But then I discovered along the way that if I wanted to walk on a spiritual path that it would require constant change. So I started praying to God to become more open to it and it’s helped me immensely. That being said, one of my sponsees in recovery motivated me today to write a prayer for him surrounding this very thing. So I hope all of you may utilize this prayer in your own lives and will remember one thing, that change really is a good thing!

“Dear God, I don’t want to be averse to changing any parts of my life, especially those that have been holding me back from becoming my greatest highest good. I know I have been stubborn and resistant to change, but I don’t want to be anymore. Please help me to overcome all of my fears and worries that have kept me from changing those obstinate parts of me. People say that change is a good thing, so I ask You for the strength to help me start seeing and believing that as well. I truly want to be open to change on every level and in every way throughout my life. Thank you God for all of the energy You send me to help me get there. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Trusting

Having trust in others has always been a hard thing for me to do. Initially, that stemmed from the abandonment issues I had with my parents, the fact that I was molested at such a young age, and many people throughout the years I drew in close to me who I allowed to use me in some way. While I’ve worked through all those past issues extensively, lately I’ve been seeing I still have some trust issues left to work through, most specifically with my partner and with my Higher Power (whom I refer to as God).

With my partner, my trust has been shaken ever since his infidelity last October.

With God, my trust has been shaken for the past few years given all the health issues I’ve been enduring.

Each of these trust issues undermine my ability to become healthier in both my relationship with my partner and also with God. For this reason, I decided to write a prayer today to help myself move beyond this.

“Dear God, I am tired of struggling with trust issues throughout my life. I know they hold me back on some level from healing, growing, and becoming the spiritual person I want to become. If there is any part of me God that has not forgiven anyone or anything, including You, for any area where I thought that my trust was broken, I send love, forgiveness, and peace out to every one of them now. Help me God to trust again in my partner, in You, in my health and healing, and all those You may put into my life for any reason that are part of my spiritual growth. I want to be fully trusting with each of them, especially with myself and the health and healing taking place within me. Please restore that fully God so that I may become a being filled with a much greater capacity for love and light. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Peace

The Earth sure does have a lot of turmoil going on around it currently, doesn’t it? Every day the latest news headlines show that something else tragic has happened somewhere on our planet. From wars, to murders, to climatic disasters, to political cover-up’s, to drug overdoses, the list is exhausting and it only seems to be getting worse. But each of us can do our part to helping this planet remove all of that and be filled with a lot more peace by praying for it daily. This means to not only pray on it for the rest of the planet, but within ourselves as well. For this reason, I have included a prayer, similar to the one that I do regularly, to help promote more peace on Earth.

“Dear God, I pray that you guide me to becoming more peaceful in every area of my life. May I be peaceful in all situations, no matter how difficult they may seem. May I be peaceful whenever I am in the face of any confrontation. And may I be peaceful with every one of my thoughts, words, and actions. Help me God to become that beacon of peace so that I may guide others to doing the same. I also pray for peace on Earth, may only love and light transcend upon each and every one of us. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Yesterday’s entry was a mantra that was geared towards helping a person develop a much greater love for themselves. If you had trouble saying it, or if you didn’t even try doing it at all, then know you’re not alone. It took me a long time to get into the practice of saying that mantra because I once had so much dislike for myself. To get there, one of the things I had to do was pray to God about it. For this reason, I have included a prayer today that can help guide you to being able to say that mantra and getting on the path to a much greater self-love.

“Dear God, I want to love myself unconditionally but I don’t know how to. There are parts of my life that I really don’t like and I’m not sure how to get beyond those things. Will you please help me to heal all those parts of me that keep me from having a much greater love for myself? I’m truly tired of beating myself up and avoiding looking at myself in the mirror. I ask that You help me become open to doing whatever I need to do so that I may one day love myself unconditionally like I know You do of me. Thank You God for hearing my prayer today. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

A Prayer For Recovery From Addiction

June 10th, 1995 was a day where I most likely said my first selfless prayer ever to God. It was on that day where I asked God to help me end my alcohol and drug addiction for good. Eighteen years have now passed since then where I have been able to maintain continuous sobriety from both. Nowadays I pray regularly to God to help me remain free of all addictions and it’s working. I ardently believe that prayer is essential for recovery from any addiction, so I’ve included one specifically for this reason. If you are suffering from an addiction, it’s my hope that you may utilize this prayer to help guide you out of the darkness and into the light…

“Dear God, my addiction to _________ has been taking over my life. I can’t seem to stop doing it and all the walls seem to be closing in around me because of it. My life is starting to fall apart, but I know that You can put it back together much better than I ever could. God, I really don’t want to be addicted to anything anymore, especially this. I pray that You help me go through whatever I need to go through to be free of this addiction once and for all. I am open and willing to do whatever work is necessary, to get there. I only ask for Your help because I can’t do it on my own. All I truly want is to be a better person and I know that’s not possible as long as I’m living in this addiction. I’m told that all I have to do is ask for Your help and so I am God, please help me. Please help me to find true recovery from this addiction so that I may become a better and more loving person in life. I love you God. Amen.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson