Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

Today was my last day with my partner and I’ll be back on the road tomorrow morning quite early. I thought it might be best to make a quick posting about Valentine’s Day prior to me going to bed.

I was at a few stores yesterday and today and noticed people running around scrambling to get those few special roses left, searching the shelves of remaining cards and siphoning through the sweets and cuddly animals that were sitting lonely by themselves.

How come love has turned into just remembering someone special on a certain day? Why is it that people race around at the last minute to get something special for someone that say they love? Is February 14th the only day that is supposed to happen?

My stance on this is different. Love is something that I try to show 24/7. Gift buying, the taking out to dinner, a special card, flowers, or whatever else I may come up with to show I love my partner is not done on a specific day of the year. It’s done quite often actually.

In the beginnings of a new relationship, when two are courting each other, showing love happens all the time. Valentine’s Day is every day. But sadly, what happens after the buzz wears off and the couple are settled down, showing love seems to arise only when a special day comes like Valentine’s Day, a birthday or Christmas.

Love is something I believe that is best not placed in a box, on a calendar, or reserved for a special moment. Love is something to express when the moment arises, when one thinks about their partner as they are looking at something special in a store, or when they’re driving along and hear a song that brings fond feelings up about their loved one, or when they’re writing like I am right now and reflecting on all the many February 14th’s they’ve spent alone crying.

While I did take my partner out for dinner tonight and gave him a card, this was going to happen regardless of whether it was February 14th or not. On my final day of each trip I see my partner, I take him out to dinner and give him a card telling him how much I love him and will miss him. And throughout the times we aren’t together, I send him e-mails, instant messages, e-cards, and sometimes even gifts through snail mail just to bring a smile to his face and warmth to his heart.

February 14th is just one day of the year that my love can be offered. There are 364 other days that God gives me the opportunity as well. I hope that others may realize that love isn’t a holiday, it’s a feeling to share in every moment, of every day, of every week, year after year.

Peace, love, light, and joy,

Andrew Arthur Dawson