Beating To My Own Drum…

Recently, I received quite a bit of flak from people who read my article about not voting in this recent election. Instead of grasping the underlying purpose of that article, I was chastised immensely for my action. So, rather than accepting me for my individuality and appreciating that I was beating to my own drum, I got criticized…A LOT.

Why don’t people understand that this is exactly the problem in our world right now? Everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else and judging everyone else, rather than looking in the mirror at where they can change, get healthier, and grow spiritually. And as they continue to do that, they also get totally uncomfortable when those around them do something completely against the grain of society, even if it doesn’t directly affect them. I should know given the number of things I’ve done over the years to better myself and got put down in the process.

The fact is, I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to fit in to some societal norm. I like beating to my own drum and forging a path that I feel my heart and soul is guiding me on, or better yet, my Higher Power is guiding me on. But sadly, far too many can’t deal with that, and my actions end up challenging their beliefs enough so, that I get judged rather than accepted for just being me.

Every day I read on Facebook tons of opinions from people, some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t. For those I agree with, I may or may not comment. But for those I don’t, I never comment. Because commenting with my own judgment is not allowing someone to beat to their own drum. It’s essentially putting them down instead for their beliefs.

Our world could be a far more loving, caring, kind, and considerate place, if people would just allow people to beat to their own drums. While beating to my own drum generally never affects another individual directly, the noise it creates still seems to bother them, noise that challenges their personal belief systems and accepted values.

Take the idea that I believe God is ok with homosexuality so long as I remain in a monogamous, loving, relationship and abstain from any promiscuity is one great example that I constantly have received flak on.

And with this latest non-voting decision that I also received quite a bit of flak with, my truth is I’m still ok with that decision and I stand by it.

Besides the fact that I feel our current political system is completely unstable and corrupt no matter who seems to get voted into office these days, a more important truth is that I feel real change can only come from within, by beating to my own drum, and by allowing others to do so as well.

I honestly feel that if we all allowed each other to beat to our own drums by letting everyone be individuals who can make decisions that may or may not be ones we personally would make, our world will become the very thing we keep striving outside of ourselves to achieve, but keep failing to get there because of it…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson