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“Four things you can’t take back in life – words after they’re said, moments after they’re missed, actions after they’re done, and time after it’s gone. So, choose to be careful of what you say, what you do, and what you let pass by…you may not be able to get it back.” (Pooja jha)

Quote #2

“Words are like arrows, once loosed, you cannot call them back.” (George R.R. Martin)

Quote #3

“They say actions speak louder than words, but in some cases, words hurt a lot more than actions ever could.” (Jessamine Verzosa)

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson

Author: Andrew Arthur Dawson

A teacher of meditation, a motivational speaker, a reader of numerology, and a writer by trade, Andrew Arthur Dawson is a spiritual man devoted to serving his Higher Power and bringing a lot more light and love into this world. This blog, is just one of those ways...

4 thoughts on “Thought For The Day”

  1. We were all taught about sticks and stones breaking our bones, but oh my friend those words are far more deadly. Broken bones will heal with time,but words can damage us for far longer.

  2. Sounds like you are having some guilt about getting angry at Chris. To live with the angst and anger that you seem to be dealing with isn’t healthy. It isn’t just the problem with Chris, that I noticed this, even when I catch one of your blogs that are supposed to be upbeat, there seems to be a negative slant or a touch of anger in them. No offense, but that is just what it seems to me. Loose the angst, anger, and pity and maybe some of your stomach problems and other problems will lessen. You seem to be a good writer, look for the good in life and people, and the world and some of your sorrows may lessen. Hang in there Andrew.

    1. You are correct, the struggle I continue to face is my frustration and anger about my health issues. Not really stomach problems though, more chronic pain issues that are undiagnosable. Regardless, I often tell people that when one has the flu, their patience is at an all time low and they snap at people because of it. That’s a lot what it’s like to be in chronic pain every day with no relief for long periods of time. Nevertheless, I truly do my best to write articles that spiritually motivate me. There probably is a negative slant to some of them, but I always do try to end them with a positive spin or a hopeful spin. Truly my blog was originally meant to simply be an online diary, and I continue to use it for that, so of course I’m sure there’s the human side of me that does express the broad spectrum of emotions. Anyway, thank you for the complement on my writing. Blessings Scott! 🙂

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