Grateful Heart Monday

Time for another Grateful Heart Monday, a day set aside for reflection on a slice of gratitude from my life, which for today is dedicated to my dear friend Christy Mitchell.

Many, many years ago, Christy was an employee of the 1848 Island Manor House Bed and Breakfast I once co-owned with my former partner, until I lost it in 2010. I admired Christy from the beginning, as she was always such a hard worker, completely dedicated to any task given to her, and constantly willing to learn something new. A born leader in so many ways, Christy soon became the manager of much of our day-to-day business, especially when all the drama began to ensue between my ex and I. She was more than not the level-headed voice of reason that kept our business running well beyond when it probably should have failed. I honestly lost track of the number of days Christy helped to piece things back together, not just between my ex and I, but also with my own mental state.

Mentally, I was never truly happy in any of the years I owned this business, especially for the years the bed and breakfast was also my home. Much of that was because right in the middle of those years, my mother tragically passed away, which caused me to lose my mind for a good while after that. But, Christy remained there for me during that period of time, typically willing to sit down and talk, to offer her love and kindness, doing what she could to help raise my spirits, when I couldn’t do it for myself. It was really during those years when I ultimately came to admire Christy as much as I did and still do.

You see, Christy also had her own life during every one of those years. She had a few side businesses she worked to earn extra income, two children to raise, and a crazy number of animals that she owned and took care of as well. Point blank, Christy had many other responsibilities to juggle on a day-to-day basis. Yet, somehow, she consistently maintained it all and did a pretty darn good job at it. Guests at the 1848 Island Manor House came to see this for themselves, many of which became repeat guests just because she had this unique way with them of just making everyone feel at home, consistently elevating their moods more than not.

Eventually, somewhere along the way, Christy became more my friend than an employee. Over the years we worked together, she helped me so much to remain on my spiritual journey by using her gift of seeing auras, as well as doing reiki energy work when I needed it. But sometimes, we went for ice cream or a meal just to talk and on an island where I had really only had one other friend. She truly did help me feel far less alone there.

After I lost that business, due to my ex and I not running the place properly, I didn’t remain in contact with Christy all that much, mostly because of all the shame I felt over the pain my ex and I put her through. I never stopped thinking of her though and how much she touched my heart and my life during such a very difficult period. But, thankfully, she’s come back into my life recently, and even visited me a few times. I can safely say that Christy is still Christy, dynamic, pretty, a jack of so many trades, and dedicated to her friendships, her family, and anything she puts her mind towards. While I’ve probably said more words of gratitude in this entry of my blog than I ever really spoke to her in person in the past, I want her and the world to know that I’m not sure I’d even be alive today if it wasn’t for her unique way of loving and supporting me like she did.

Christy really is that awesome of an individual and someone with a soul so beautiful. Giving, kind, and caring, she’s someone who’ll offer the shirt off her back, even when it means leaving her in the cold. Dedicated to a Higher Calling, I’ve come to admire and love her quite a bit over the years. So, if there’s one person worthy and deserving of gratitude in this world today, it’s Christy Mitchell and the very reason why I’m dedicating today’s Grateful Heart Monday entry to her. I love you Christy!

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson