How A Semi-Pro Hockey Game Showed My Tastes And Interests Have Definitely Changed…

I’m finding that the more I work on my spiritual self and my recovery from addictions, the more my tastes and interests seem to change. I say that because of what I experienced while attending a semi-pro hockey playoff game here in Toledo just over a week ago.

When my partner asked if I would go to this playoff game with him, I must admit that I wasn’t overly excited about the idea. I remained opened enough to give it a try though, as I find it’s important in any relationship to be open to trying new things, even if they probably aren’t something I’d ever pursue on my own.

Nevertheless, it became overly apparent from the onset of me sitting down in my seat at this hockey arena that my tastes and interests had changed from a time when I once thoroughly enjoyed going to any public sporting event. Between the massive quantities of beer people were consuming everywhere, the smell of beer constantly wafting upon me from those sitting directly around me, the incessantly loud clanging of cow bells from all of them, the relentless use of foul language and opposing team taunts, and the number of individuals I found myself triggered by sexually, I wasn’t able to find much enjoyment in the experience at all. Because of this, I spent the majority of my time there in the arena immersed in silly cat videos and other humorous postings on Reddit to distract myself from the onslaught of it all.

Ironically, I used to be one of those who’d scream and yell and swear and drink beer and well, act like pretty much everyone else who attends a sporting event. And even after I quit drinking and drugging, I was still just like everyone else and continued to go to them because the only thing that had changed was me not consuming alcohol. Instead, I usually consumed mega quantities of caffeine, and got high off of that.

But, in the past six years or so, everything has changed with me from my health to my spiritual goals, and I’ve worked extra hard as well to free myself of all negativity, anger, resentment, and any behaviors that I might label as low vibrational, such as swearing or putting anyone down. Because of it, my life has slowed way down and I tend to like more quiet places, more quiet people, and more quiet events these days.

Thus, attending a shouting, screaming, alcohol consuming type of event is pretty far away from my cup of tea and that was quite apparent to my partner by the end of it, as he vowed to never ask me to go to one of those games again.

To be totally honest, I think the only sporting event that might fall within my tastes and interests nowadays is a golf tournament, as the idea of parking myself near a challenging hole during a match and watching in silence while players try to get their golf balls as close to the hole as possible, feels more in alignment with the pace of my Spirit.

Regardless, this change in tastes and interests isn’t limited to sporting events either, as I really don’t enjoy going to bars, clubs, concerts, parties, or anything else that is overly loud or might present me with triggers from former addictions either.

I think the only exception to this is the invitation I get each year from a friend of mine to attend a NASCAR race up in the Detroit area from an enclosed press box where it’s air conditioned and where it’s super quiet. I’ve truly enjoyed this beyond measure.

So, while my tastes and interests have definitely changed from all the work I’ve done on myself spiritually and in recovery, I’m coming to a level of acceptance that its ok and change is good. I think life is meant to evolve the more we grow closer to Source and the more I’ve realized that, the more it’s made it a lot easier to not feel bad when I make a choice to immerse myself in something like silly cat videos on my Iphone during a very loud, boozy, and overly triggering hockey game…

Peace, love, light, and joy
Andrew Arthur Dawson