Silly Joke Friday

Silly Joke #1

So this reporter checks in at some old hotel smack in middle of nowhere. Coming into the lobby, he is confronted with the strange sight of an old Indian, whittling stick, long black hair, reddish skin, sitting on one of the chairs as if he intends never to get up.”That’s Old Chief Forget-Me-Not,” whispers the man behind the desk reverently, “he is allowed to stay here for free because he let me build my hotel on his reservation.” “Why the weird name?” whispers the reporter. “Old Chief NEVER forgets anything that happened to him since he was a very young kid. Now he is 102. Fantastic memory.” Once the reporter has checked in, he decides to check out old Forget-Me-Not. “Hey Chief!” he calls, “What’d you have for breakfast on the morning of your 21st birthday?” “Eggs,” replies the Chief without even looking up. The reporter is so amazed, he jumps in his car and drives at least two hours over to where his other reporter friend is staying. Once telling the story over, both reporters jump in the car and drive right back two hours to the hotel, smelling a big scoop. On the way, the second reporter tells the first: “Why don’t you address the Chief more respectfully, so he’ll demonstrate to us more?” Following his friend’s advice, the first reporter greets the Chief with a resounding “HOW!!” “Scrambled,” replies the Chief.

Silly Joke #2

When a woman in my office became engaged, a colleague offered her some advice. “The first seven years are the hardest,” she said.”How long have you been married?” I asked. “Seven years,” she replied.

Silly Joke #3

The following was a true ad in the Atlanta Journal: “Single Black Female seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I am a very good-looking girl who loves to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping, and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. Rub me the right way and watch me respond. I’ll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Kiss me and I’m yours. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Daisy.”Over 15,000 men were reported to have called and found themselves talking to the local Humane Society about an eight week-old black Labrador retriever.

Bonus Silly Joke

A man walks in his room after work and is surprised to find his wife lying naked on the bed. After careful examination he spies a pair of bare feet sticking out from underneath the curtains. He rips open the blinds to find a naked man standing there.’Who the hell are you?’ he yells. The naked guy replies ‘I’m the moth inspector’ ‘Oh yeah! what are you doing naked?’ He looks down and exclaims ‘Oh my god! I’m too late!’

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson