Daily Reflection

“You will get there when you are meant to and not one moment sooner… so relax, breath, and be patient.” (Mandy Hale)

I was cleaning my partner’s car one morning and hit the button on his key fab to open the trunk only to watch it rise so incredibly slowly. I tried to push the tailgate upward to make it go faster, but to no avail. After cleaning the area where the trunk met the bumper, I hit the button once again, only to watch it descend just as slowly. Once more I tried to make the process go faster, but again to no avail, when suddenly I realized how much this was just like my life.

How many times have I tried to rush things along that seemed to be progressing ever so slowly? And how many times have I ever gotten much success from those forced efforts to speed things up?

Very little, if any at all…

Because things in life like the healing I’m going through I’ve learned truly have their own cycle of time and require nothing more than patience, something I’ve struggled with immensely throughout my life. Maybe everything in life happens when it’s meant to and not one moment sooner, and any efforts we make to change this reality are only going to stress our minds and bodies out. So, maybe it’s time I focus more on relaxing, breathing, and working on being a little more patient while it all unfolds exactly as it’s meant to?

Dear God, I know I’ve been quite impatient throughout my life, especially as of late when it comes to my health and healing. I thank You for all the lessons I continue to learn when it comes to the art of patience, like the one that came through something as simple as a slowly moving automated tailgate…

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson