Would You Want To Know Who “The One” Is?

In the dating realm, one often tends to look for their “soul mate”, a match believed to be made in Heaven. Many have hard sought for that perfect partner time and time again, hoping to meet the one who truly feels right on every level, mind, body, and soul. What if such a thing actually existed? What if science had a way to find that for every individual in this world? This is the concept of a new television series I just got done watching its first season of the other day on Netflix called “The One”.

If such a science existed, if there truly was a genetic component in all of us that blended perfectly with another on the planet, would you want to know who the other person was that was meant for you? If there ultimately was indeed a perfect match for all of us, would you seek it out through a simple DNA test?

Watching “The One” really got me thinking. How often in my life have I sought out the perfect partner, only to discover time and time again the imperfections in every one of them, especially with myself. But what if I could take a test just like one that “Ancestry.com” offers to discover their ancestral roots, where a tiny tuft of my hair could lead to finding my perfect match somewhere in the world that blended perfectly with me? Would I take such a test? I’d have to say knowing my personality, probably.

In the television series, I love how this concept gets explored, how it shows the many difficult choices and complex paths that each individual takes when having the potential of “The One” being out there for them. Like, what if “The One” for you was someone already in a relationship with another person? Or, what if “The One” for you had passed away? Or, what if “The One” was actually someone of the same sex as you, where you didn’t identify as gay or lesbian, or vice versa, you did identify as that, but your match was of the opposite sex? Or even better, what if you were so insecure of a person that you might even take some of your partner’s hair unknowing to them, just to discover who their perfect match was? What would you do if it wasn’t you? Each of these questions and more get explored in this series, all leaving me to ponder them quite a bit myself, as to how I’d handle every one of them, if such a science existed in this world for relationships.

While I love my partner Chris a lot, we most definitely have our problems and our vast differences in our relationship. I wish we blended together perfectly, where we never argued and felt more of a unison in our connection than not. But we don’t, and honestly, I’ve never felt that with any of my former partners either. In the past, I’d jump from one partner to the next hoping to find that, but never did, which is why I’ve opted to remain with Chris, as I don’t think there is a perfect partner out there. Yet, if such a science existed that could reveal a perfect match made in Heaven so to speak, I think I’d really want to know who it was given all the dating woes I’ve faced in life.

Some have said to me over the years that they’re with that match made in Heaven already. Many of them have been in their relationships for decades and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. It’s hard to fathom what would happen if such a DNA test existed that could prove whether they truly were always meant to be together. Or better yet, could prove there was an even closer match?

While I’m quite sure that many decades-long relationships in this world would never take such a test if it existed and would accept they’re already with the one they were always meant to be with, I’m just as sure, like “The One” series explores, that hundreds of millions and more would want to know.

When I approached my partner Chris about this, he said he wouldn’t want to know who “The One” was for him. But ironically, I think I’d want to know who it was for him, because of a past partner he constantly speaks so fondly of, a relationship that ended only out of fear. What if that person was meant to be his perfect match? In light of all these challenges that might arise if such a science became real in our world, it’s probably a good thing there isn’t such a DNA test yet, because it would probably only lead to mass heartache and pain on our planet, something we already have enough of.

In the end, I think I like best what my good friend Rob answered when I asked him about whether he’d want to know who “The One” was for him. He said part of the excitement of dating is just leaving things to fate and chance and all the growing and learning that comes through it all.

Regardless, “The One” is a great series if you like science fiction that’s grounded in science possibilities. And while its left me thinking I’d really love to know who “The One” was for me, I trust “The One” I’m with now is who God wants me to be with, even through all our ups and downs.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson