Daily Reflection

“Everyone makes mistakes, if you can’t forgive others, don’t expect others to forgive you.” (Unknown)

I was driving on a highway a few weeks ago when I went into the next lane on my right. What I didn’t know was a car was already there in my blind spot. Thankfully, I didn’t hit them, which they let me know I was in the wrong with a strong blow of their horn. I was honestly grateful for the warning, as without it, my mistake could have turned into a major fender bender. What I didn’t know was going to happen was what came next. After realizing my mistake, I sped up and got away from the car, to give them enough space. I then got into the lane I needed to be for my upcoming exit. Suddenly, the other driver sped up and cut in front of me, braking hard, as if trying to set a strong example of how wrong I was. I became nervous over the situation, as I’ve seen things like this lately go very sideways and end in violence. So, I went back into the left lane and sped up enough to get several cars away from the individual. They proceeded to then follow me, right on my car’s tail end. When I came to my exit, I waited to the last second and then turned onto it, which they did as well. I wanted to believe I was just imagining what was happening, but I wasn’t. When I reached the next light that I normally go straight through to head home, I abruptly turned right, as did they. Now I was heading away from my home with an obviously very angry person still following me. When I reached the next stop sign, I took a right, which they did as well, keeping right with me. I became really scared at that point because there have been cases of serious road rage around here. I decided to drastically speed up at that point purposely trying to evade this person, which eventually I thankfully did.

Why people struggle to forgive mistakes like this and instead resort to anger and sometimes even violence, I don’t know. I’ve had many people almost hit me, cut me off, and sometimes even worse on the roads, which I simply just silently forgive them and let them be on their merry way. I rarely ever resort to even blowing my horn unless they don’t realize I’m there. Never do I feel the need to teach someone a lesson, to intimidate, or threaten anyone for a mistake they’ve made, regardless of what it is. I’ve learned far and wide in my life, that mistakes happen, and everyone is worthy and deserving of forgiveness, for even the worst of mistakes. And truly, if I can’t forgive, no matter what the mistake is, why should anyone ever forgive me when I make a mistake. Nevertheless, hopefully this angry driver who felt the need to follow me for over 15 minutes on the road may find forgiveness for whatever is going on in their life that would lead them to do such a thing in the first place, as I know ultimately this wasn’t really about me. Regardless, I’m quite sure whatever it is, that they were looking to diffuse their anger on anything, which I just happen to be the recipient of in that moment when I made the mistake. Mistakes happen. I only pray this individual may learn to forgive the next time it does.

Dear God, may I always forgive when a person makes a mistake that affects me, no matter what it is, as I know I’d want forgiveness if I made one, just as much as I know that not forgiving someone’s mistake is only going to cause me more harm to my spiritual journey than good.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson