God’s Mysterious Ways

It’s been a while since I really felt I had anything of value to write about regarding “God’s Mysterious Ways”, a category I began a few years ago where its intended purpose was to share about things happening in my life that seem beyond explanation and often feel like signs or messages from Source. Thankfully, I finally have one to share again.

Before I get into what it is, it’s important to note that if you follow my blog at all, then you already know I struggle immensely with chronic pain and have been for years. What you may not know though is that I’ve been frequently praying lately, or more like begging, for a sign or message from God surrounding it, as it’s gotten to the point now where I feel like giving up any hope it’s ever going to get better. Nevertheless, I’ve remained open to God answering my plea for guidance, something I used to get regularly from Source a few years ago to be honest. I’d frequently get signs like extremely vivid dreams that kept my hope alive, ones that I’d awake feeling so loved and connected to God. Signs like strange encounters with creatures in nature like a foot long praying mantis sitting on my door handle one day that wouldn’t move until I looked up the native American symbolism of it. Or even signs from total strangers who randomly approach me like one person did in a detox I spoke at years ago who told me they saw a huge angel standing behind me and that all was going to be ok. But, as I said it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything like that happen, where I felt God had a personal hand in it, where I couldn’t explain it away with science or rationality. That is until just last week when I received something in the mail that I feel was absolutely from Source.

On an overwhelmingly pain-filled afternoon, I arrived home to find my only piece of mail was an envelope from Guideposts, a publication I’ve subscribed to for several years now. I thought it was my bill, but upon opening it, I saw it was some random gift they sent me, something they do occasionally, but usually nothing I hold onto, as typically, it’s just a snippet from a new publication they’re hoping I’ll subscribe to. In this case though, it wasn’t. It was actually a tiny devotional of sorts they sent me purely as a gift with nothing to subscribe to. Its title was “Hope for a New Day”, something I really connected with. When I quickly flipped it open, it landed on the very middle of the book where the staples came through. On that page was the title “Small Steps.” I’m not sure why I opted to read it, because frankly, I get plenty of devotional type stuff in the mail all the time and usually just throw them away, given I already read six devotionals every morning. Regardless, I read it and am convinced after doing so, that God loves to answer us in unique ways, we just have to remain open to however it may come. The following is that reading and something I feel speaks for itself. And oh, in case you’re wondering, if any of the other brief devotions in this small booklet had been what it opened up to, none of them would have felt like any sort of message whatsoever for what I’m going through.

Here’s the “Small Steps” entry from that booklet, as it’s printed:

“HUMAN BEINGS can be very impatient. We want things right away. We believe our time is our own, and, when we have to wait, we become frustrated. God, however, is patient. His timetable often seems uncomfortably slow, rest assured that God’s timing is not only perfect, it is just what we need.

It is important to remember this when recovering from a crisis. Often we pray for solutions, for strength, for calm, for change – only to find our troubles persisting past what we thought was our breaking point. The temptation is great to conclude, God has forgotten about me.

That is the wrong conclusion. God has not forgotten about you. Rest assured, He is working mightily on your behalf. However, He is working toward the right solution, not necessarily the solution you want right now.

This can be hard to accept. But you must remember that God sees your whole life, not just this difficult moment. He does not simply want to put things back the way they were. He wants to make a new and better life for you from the ashes of the old.

So stick to your plans. Go through them step by step. And if you’re feeling discouraged, remind yourself of God’s great truth: hard experiences will pass away. Not on our timetable. On God’s timetable. The best timetable.”

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson