Grateful Heart Monday

Welcome to another Grateful Heart Monday, a time to reflect upon something to be grateful for in my life, which for this week is for the time I got to spend with my sister Laura and my nephews Luke (7 years old) and Noah and Jacob (twin 17-year-olds) on a recent five-day trip to see them in Summerville, South Carolina.

If you read my last Daily Reflection, then you’ll already know how much my time is limited to be with my family. If you didn’t, just know that currently, my sister is able to come see me a few days a year where I live and I get to see her family a few days once a year there. Because of my reduced time to see them, I’ve often struggled with becoming resentful, so to combat that, I’ve learned that in practicing a little gratitude, it becomes a great remedy.

In light of that, I’m truly grateful I even got to see my sister and my nephews, each of whom I love dearly. I’m grateful for the special carrot cake cupcakes Laura made for my visit. Grateful for the home cooked meatball subs and salad she made during my first night there. Grateful for the manager (Eric) of the hotel I stayed at, who greatly reduced the rate of my room solely as a gift for the ongoing circumstances of my life. Grateful for a day trip into downtown Charleston with Laura where we enjoyed walking around the University of Charleston, King St, and finding a Parisian bakery where we relished homemade chocolate macaroons, a crème filled cronut and some dark chocolates to go. Grateful for the 50th birthday dinner I took Laura to at her favorite restaurant, Oscar’s, and the delicious meal we had there, including the birthday dessert they brought her at the end. Grateful for the numerous coffees I sipped on at the Starbucks that was right next door sometimes with family and sometimes by myself. Grateful for the skit I got to see Luke in at his school. Grateful for the two swims I had at the hotel pool, one with Luke and Noah, and the other just with Luke and the laughter we shared horsing around during both. Grateful for the heart-to-heart talk my sister and I had on Friday evening where I felt I really connected to a part of her I hadn’t ever before. Grateful for the bunch of episodes I watched of this new Netflix show called Raising Dion with my nephews that we all liked quite a bit. Grateful for the scrumptious meal my sister bought me from a place called Boxcar Betties and the ice cream I treated her afterwards at a place called Marble Slab Creamery. Grateful for a day trip with Laura and Luke to Boone Hall Plantation for their Halloween festival where we got to experience a tractor pull through a festively decorated forest, a walk through a huge corn maze, a feeding of some silly goats, a stroll through a huge field of sunflowers, and the specialized picking of two cute pumpkins. Grateful for the huge laugh we all had there as well when my nephew sat at this mock ABC news desk (who were the sponsors of that festival) where he picked up a coffee cup left behind and did this silly pose with it, spilling cold coffee all over himself in the process. Grateful for the movie night I had with Jacob and Noah where we enjoyed sushi first, then tried this squishy Asian dessert that none of us really liked but had a good laugh about it, and then saw Gemini Man in 3D. And grateful for my final day there where I enjoyed a meal with Laura by the Mount Pleasant waterside, saw a porpoise, took a walk on Sullivan’s Island beach nearby where I got to put my feet in the still warm ocean, and treat myself to a freshly made donut at a place called The Fractured Prune on my way to the airport.

So, yes, most definitely plenty to be thankful for and an abundance of great memories to be remembered with my trip to see Laura, Luke, Jacob, and Noah, in Summerville, South Carolina, and for God who most certainly made it all possible.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson