Thought For The Day

Today’s quotes surround more of the spirit of this holiday season and what I believe to be is more about the true nature of Christmas…

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” (Ruth Carter Stapleton)

“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas likes in your heart.” (The Polar Express)

“Best of all, Christmas means a spirit of love, a time when the love of God and the love of our fellow men should prevail over all hatred and bitterness, a time when our thoughts and deeds and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God.” (George F. McDougall)

“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.” (Thomas S. Monson)

“The true Christmas spirit is putting others’ happiness before our own and finding you’ve never known such happiness.” (Toni Sorenson) 

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson