Grateful Heart Monday

Welcome to another Grateful Heart Monday, where I always express my gratitude for someone or something that has truly touched my heart and soul, which for today is for all those who brought happiness into my life this holiday season.

For my partner, Chris Falbo, who made plenty of special meals, gave me loving gifts including a new suitcase to replace the one I’ve been using for well over two decades, and who kept a positive attitude through it all even when I wasn’t, I’m grateful.

For my sister, Laura Curry, who always seems to find those unique gifts that simply seem to say, “I love you so much”, including a Marvin the Martian figurine (my favorite cartoon character) and a coffee mug whose picture on it summed up our friendship perfectly, I’m grateful.

For my closest friend in the world, Cedric Saunders, who came to visit me during the holiday season for a week, providing me many fond memories during our visit to Chicago and just sitting around and making each other laugh like we always seem to do together, I’m grateful.

For my dear friend, Dexter, for being there when I really needed some reassuring words, even in the wee hours of the morning, for understanding my pain, and getting me more than most people, and for continuing to refer to me as Boo Boo, while I with him as Yogi, I’m grateful.

For my therapist, Linda Smith, who helped me through all my pain and sorrow felt during this holiday season, always finding ways to lift me up when I’m down, and for being the unconditional loving person she is, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Michael Erskine, who thought of me with a special Carruth pottery gift and who spent much of this holiday season connecting with me in person over meals and movies, on video calls, and in funny texts and messages, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Judy Gordon, who took me to J’Alexanders for a wonderful meal, and continues to share with me on an intimate level I can really relate to, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Jewel Patterson, for spending a wonderful holiday meal at Real Seafood, sharing in laughter with both my partner and best friend, breaking bread, and giving me gift cards to one of my favorite hobbies (going to the movies), I’m grateful!

For my friend, Frank Murd, for sharing several holiday meals with me, including breaking bread on Christmas Day at the Motor City Casino Assembly Line Buffet, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Tom Benner, for being willing to work through a tough piece with me, for showing me the willingness to always keep trying, and for continuing to share your heart with me on a level I know you normally don’t with others, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Allen Collette, for sharing several coffees and meals with me during this holiday season, finding caring words to brighten it a little for me, and for simply being a good friend when I needed one, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Jym Shipman, for watching the Locke and Key series on Netflix at your house, for always making me burst out in laughter over his imitation of this kid on that show, and for his loyal dog, Jeepster, who always me smile over his vigor even during his final days, I’m grateful.

For my friends, Merle Peoples and Manny Portugal, for inviting me to their annual holiday gatherings, reminding me that I am remembered when it comes to that holiday party season, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Mark Heckman, for being his plus one at his dear friend’s wedding that took place during this holiday season, where I danced for the first time in years, something I never thought I’d do again, I’m grateful.

For my friends, Tim Wojtala and Roger Van Dylan, who broke bread with us at The Townhouse Restaurant in Detroit, where we laughed over the freezing wind hitting our table, one that got us a free amazing dessert that we all shared together, and for Euchre we played afterward and all the laughter as well, I’m grateful.

For my friend, Ronn Musser, for checking in on me from time to time, for providing reassuring words when I’ve been down, and the movies and meals we enjoyed together too, I’m grateful.

For my new friend, Mike Palumbo, whom I only recently met at one of those holiday gatherings, for being a very interesting person on many levels, for challenging my thinking and making me laugh at times as well, I’m grateful.

And for everyone else, who called, texted, and left me personal messages on Facebook, wishing me a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday, I’m grateful.

I love you all. Thank you for helping me through the most difficult holiday season I’ve ever had. I’m truly grateful for all of you on this Grateful Heart Monday.

Peace, love, light, and joy,
Andrew Arthur Dawson